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NFL to force NY Jets to participate in ‘Hard Knocks’ series

Robert Saleh, New York Jets
Robert Saleh, New York Jets, Getty Images

The New York Jets made it clear they do not want to participate in ‘Hard Knocks,’ but the NFL has other ideas

Robert Saleh made the New York Jets‘ stance on ‘Hard Knocks’ very clear.

The NFL told him, “Hard Knocks!”

According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, the Jets are “bracing for an involuntary ‘Hard Knocks’ assignment.” This is what most around the league assumed would happen. The feeling was that the NFL wanted to get the Jets on board. That does not appear to have happened, so the league instead forced the Jets’ hand.

It is understandable that the Jets do not want the cameras front and center. The last time they appeared on the show in 2010, showman Rex Ryan was the team’s head coach. Now, there’s another New York story that’s made for TV, with everyone’s favorite player to hate taking the New York center stage.

One only knows how Aaron Rodgers will react to having the cameras in his face during training camp. Rodgers notoriously dislikes the media, although he’s off to a positive start with the infamous and feared Gotham crew.

Robert Saleh is not Rex Ryan. He prefers things low-key, away from the cameras. As he told reporters during OTAs, “I know there’s several teams that would love for Hard Knocks to be in their building, we’re just not one of them.” Instead, the NFL’s biggest story will air for the whole world to see.

To be clear, no official announcement has been made yet. However, most of the country would want to see the Jets. The league is ready to cash in.

Interestingly, the Washington Commanders have stated that they would participate if asked. They are one of the four teams whom the league can compel to join the show. However, according to Florio, the NFL would prefer to see the sale of the team go through prior to a TV appearance.

Jets fans, prepare yourselves for even more drama this offseason. What we know of the Jets’ social media team, though, tells us that they will play it up to maximum effect.

At the very least, it gives us some more content to bring you during the dog days of summer.

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1 year ago

I’m with Jets71, and would push back as hard as possible; use whatever leverage that being the owner of a team in the largest market brings.
Of course, like everything else, this is about money (ratings). Hell, maybe Woody is secretly totally on-board?
IDK that Aaron is the guy that “everyone loves to hate”. I think he’s been the picture of wit, intelligence, and transparency since he’s arrived at 1JD. Now, the folks in GB, Chicago and elsewhere might be unmoved?
I’m all in, mushroom power!

1 year ago

If I’m Woody, I make the call to Goodell and say, “no F’n way.” Not after a certain broadcast put out audio of Sam Darnold, having a private convo with a teammate and coaches that he was seeing ghosts. Then he had to walk into every stadium to the Ghostbuster’s Theme song.

Tell him to pick another team, because they aren’t getting in the facility. I realize that’s unlikely to happen but I’d do it.

1 year ago
Reply to  Rivka Boord

I know, me being me, I’d still push it. There are other teams that can do it, I know they want the Jets. You’re right it will give us fans more but I’m not a fan of the timing. And, given the lazy NYJ narratives in the media outlets if I owned them, I’d still tell them no. They can fine me.