New York Jets, Christopher
New York Jets, Christopher "Mad Dog" Russo, Robert Saleh (Getty Images)

A prominent media member is complaining about all of the recent Jets coverage.

Christoper “Mad Dog” Russo is tired of the New York Jets‘ hype and expectations.

Speaking on ESPN’s “First Take” on Wednesday, the longtime media personality said he is already suffering from “Jets fatigue.”

“Aren’t you guys a little tired of the Jets? Oh my god, they haven’t won anything in a hundred years,” said Russo. “The Jets are going to make me hate them before we get to Monday night.”

Russo, elaborating on his point, spoke about how he wants the Jets to win games first.

“Here’s the point about the Jets. Can you do it on the field before we gotta hear from you all summer long about how great you’re going to be? How about winning some games?” said Russo.

“Mad Dog” and his complaints are ironic, considering that the network he works for promotes the Jets the most. His comments come off as trying to rile up Jets fans to interact with his content, similar to “Knicks for clicks” stories linking the team to different free agents.

Furthermore, Russo is misinformed and uses unrelated information during specific parts of his rant.

He stated that Robert Saleh‘s defense “imploded” against the Chiefs in the last nine minutes of the game. The Jets have not yet faced Kansas City during Saleh’s Jets tenure, meaning Russo referenced a game that occurred three years ago.

Russo also failed to acknowledge that the Jets were against having HBO’s “Hard Knocks” and the added media attention that comes with it. The Jets did not choose to bring the attention of Hard Knocks to themselves but were instead forced by the NFL to do the show.

In addition, Russo fails to acknowledge that Saleh and the Jets are attempting to build a culture. Culture, especially in football, revolves around players and coaches having confidence in their abilities. If Saleh and his players were not confident, the narrative would be portrayed as the Jets being directionless and needing to find a new coach.

The narrative Russo is portraying is exhausting. National media has constantly hyped the Jets since the arrival of Aaron Rodgers this spring. ESPN, who owns the show “First Take” that Russo appears on, has arguably been the biggest media outlet pushing the Jets.

For countless years, the Jets were relentlessly portrayed as a laughing stock by the national media, and for good reason at times. But as a result, Russo should not be surprised that the Jets are gaining just as much attention for being in a position to find success this season.

If Russo is so tired of the Jets’ hype and discussions, he always has the option to not discuss football for a program and channel that will constantly discuss them this season. After all, it would not be too hard to find someone with better and more accurate football analysis than a hot-take-driven talking head.

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Robert Papalia
Robert Papalia
13 days ago

The Jets need to start winning games now. The time for talk is over.