Aaron Rodgers, New York Jets, Buffalo Bills
Aaron Rodgers, New York Jets, Buffalo Bills, Getty Images

Wisconsin fans cheered as Aaron Rodgers went down for the New York Jets, though they paid for their own drinks

Even after Aaron Rodgers‘ season-ending injury, New York Jets fans can take meager solace in costing some Wisconsin bar attendees money.

Jack’s American Pub, a hub for Packers fans, offers a promotion that gives out free drinks for every Jets loss. After Rodgers’ crushing injury, those fans ran up tabs in anticipation of a New York defeat.

That was not the case, as the Jets defeated the Bills 22-16 in overtime. As a result, the patrons at the bar were in for a rude surprise.

Some attendees at the bar were cheering at the sight of Rodgers falling to the ground and getting on the cart. That is a terrible look, no matter how you portray it. It is shocking to hear the cheering in Wisconsin, of all places, considering how much success Rodgers brought to the Packers franchise.

Alas, the promotion did not hit, ensuring that many of the fans cheering for the injury took a hit to their bank account instead.

Karma has a way of making itself known. Attendees at the bar learned that sometimes you reap what you sow. All the cheers for the Rodgers injury, in the end, amounted to nothing but drinks to pay for.

For Jets fans, though, this is cold comfort. Losing Rodgers for the season after four snaps is like a blow to the solar plexus. For a franchise used to taking hits, this one may well be the worst.

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9 days ago

I’ve heard of “Minnesota nice.” Apparently, the counterpart to that is “Wisconsin wicked.”

Gary Berman
Gary Berman
9 days ago

Real low lifes that cheered his injury after all he’s done for GB.