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During his “Pat McAfee Show” appearance, New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers spoke about his rehab process and whether he plans to return

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers is not what most people would call conventional. From his offseason “darkness retreat” to his well-documented use of ayahuasca, the Jets quarterback tends to go against the grain.

And in the aftermath of his season-ending Achilles injury, it seems that Rodgers’s recovery will also go against the grain.

Speaking Friday afternoon on the “Pat McAfee Show,” Rodgers said that he has a “pretty damn good rehab plan” and that his recovery could “shock some people”. As for what his plan entails, he said he wants to keep what he has planned “close to the chest.”

Rodgers confirmed he intends to come back and play in the future, welcoming doubters and saying that all he needs is “that one extra percent of inspiration.” He didn’t even rule out a shocking return in the current season, as he referenced Kevin Garnett’s iconic line “Anything is possible!” when asked about the possibility of returning in 2023-24.

Rodgers also shot down rumors that claimed he had problems with the Jets asking their offensive linemen to cut block.

Regarding his role with the team for the rest of this season, Rodgers said he probably won’t be on the sidelines for a while, but in the meantime, he didn’t rule out the possibility of grabbing a headset in the press box.

Rodgers also said he misses the team and New York, stating he is “really looking forward to getting back there once I can travel.” Rodgers is currently in Los Angeles.

Finally, Rodgers affirmed his confidence in Zach Wilson.

Jets fans can catch Rodgers on “The Pat McAfee Show” every Tuesday. Rodgers confirmed that he plans to continue appearing on the show as scheduled.

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