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New York Jets wide receiver Garrett Wilson did not hold back when describing the MetLife Stadium playing field

It’s safe to say Garrett Wilson is not a fan of the MetLife Stadium turf.

Speaking after the Jets’ victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, the star wide receiver called the playing surface of the Jets’ home stadium “garbage.”

“It’s tough. You’re out there running, and all of a sudden, your legs ain’t in the same place your head is at,” said Wilson.

“It’s like, what is the difference between the week and now? And then you look down and see the turf. Everyone’s gotta play on it, everyone trying to do what they can with it. I’m figuring it out, I’m trying to stay healthy.”

There has been a constant debate over whether grass or turf surfaces are better to play on for NFL players. Due to its highly criticized turf surface, MetLife Stadium has been a key example for players who want to only play on grass.

Before the current surface was implemented, the stadium was known for playing a larger-than-normal role in players getting hurt.

The most prominent example was the 49ers-Jets matchup in 2020. In the game, both the 49ers’ Nick Bosa and Solomon Thomas tore their ACLs, quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo sprained his ankle, and running back Raheem Mostert tore his MCL.

Even with the stadium installing a new surface in 2023, injuries are still an issue. Aaron Rodgers suffered a torn Achilles four plays into his Jets’ career during the team’s home matchup against the Buffalo Bills. Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson and Jets offensive lineman Joe Tippmann both suffered lower body injuries in Sunday’s game.

Wilson’s comments should only reignite the debate of turf vs. grass, and MetLife seems to be the main topic of conversation once again. It should not take someone of Wilson’s caliber to speak up or get hurt for a significant change to be made.

The logical choice should be for the Jets and Giants to listen to their players’ wishes and install a surface they feel comfortable with. Otherwise, it is inevitable that major injuries will continue to occur.

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