Zach Wilson, NY Jets, Broncos, Roughing the Passer Penalty
Zach Wilson, New York Jets, Getty Images

In an era of football where the quarterback seems more protected than ever, the New York Jets are not benefiting from the rules

Data has officially backed up the suspicions of New York Jets fans.

A new article by NBC’s Mike Florio has brought the Jets’ standing with the NFL’s roughing the passer rules to light. In today’s era of football, it would be assumed that most teams in the league would benefit from roughing the passer penalties at about the same rate. Unfortunately for the Jets, that is not the case.

Florio states in his article, “A review of the relevant data reveals that, since 2021, the Jets have been penalized 16 times for roughing. In turn, the officials have called only three roughing fouls against the Jets’ opponents. The 16 calls against the Jets are the most in the league in that time frame. The three calls for the Jets are the least.”

The article also states that the Jets have gone 26(!) straight games without having a roughing the passer call go in their favor.

These numbers could be interpreted in a few different ways. One could say it highlights the NFL’s lack of care about unsuccessful teams and non-superstar quarterbacks. Others may say it shows the incompetence of the league’s officials.

Regardless of the interpretation, the reality is that this discrepancy in calls has severely harmed the Jets. There have been many calls for roughing the passer against the Jets that have swung close games. Missed calls that should have gone in the Jets’ favor have caused their quarterbacks to get hurt or drives to stall out when they should have continued.

At the end of the day, the NFL needs to strive towards getting calls right for all teams, and a major part of that is ensuring that the Jets get the calls against their quarterback that they haven’t received in years.

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Brandon Pokrass
Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Fairleigh Dickinson University in May 2023, with a Communications Degree, a concentration in Multimedia Journalism, and a minor in Broadcasting. Wrote for Jets Insider for two years, previously hosted a Knicks podcast for Let's Talk Knicks, and currently contributes to Inside the Iggles. Avid movie watcher, gym goer, music listener, and MMA fan.
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Matt Galemmo
Matt Galemmo
1 month ago

The “data” is to count the number of penalties for and against? Gratuitous use of the word right there.

I’m the PFF age, you would’ve thought that someone would’ve gone through all the roughing the passer calls and grades them by now. That’s the data I was expecting when I clicked this article.

Robby Sabo
1 month ago
Reply to  Matt Galemmo

Fair point. Just consider this more of a news item per another media outlet raising the overall awareness. Had it been an original Jet X dataset, we’re confident you’d be pleased with the result.

Matt Galemmo
Matt Galemmo
1 month ago
Reply to  Robby Sabo

In hindsight, I’m sorry to be critical. I read JetX habitually and really enjoy all your content.

That said, it would be cool if someone could do a qualitative assessment of RTP calls over the past couple of years, vs some against the Jets that weren’t flagged. There’s only a few dozen, and it’s not unlike Nania’s QB grades.