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After his earlier trash-talking, a lost bet has caused the ex-Giants kicker to change his profile picture to a New York Jets logo

An ex-Giant suffered more than one loss Sunday afternoon.

After his comments earlier in the week where he called the Jets “JV Stadium renters,” former Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes has now changed his “X” profile picture to the Jets’ helmet.

This bet was made with former Jets defender Leger Douzable. Tynes was the one who offered the bet to Douzable, stating that the loser had to change their profile picture to the winner’s helmet. Douzable asked for it to be three days, which the former kicker agreed to.

Despite the ugliness of Sunday’s game, all that matters is that the Jets were the team to come out on top. It showed the story of the seasons for both teams so far. The Jets, despite some woeful offensive performances, have been resilient and battled all season. Their defense and special teams have kept them afloat, while the offense has made plays at the right times to help them win games.

On the other hand, the Giants have regressed after an exciting 2022 season. Decimated with injuries on offense, the team has struggled to string together any form of sustained success. Coaching has also taken a step back, as even when healthy, the playcalling and decision-making have not been nearly as efficient as last season.

In addition to the win, it is fun seeing Tynes get a form of “payback” dealt to him after the comments he made. While the bet was made in good spirits, it definitely has to hurt for a former longtime Giant to change their profile picture to a Jets helmet.

While the Giants may have more historic success than the Jets, they have struggled over their past three matchups with them. Yesterday’s end result was no different, showing that the “JV stadium renters” are playing a bit better than their “varsity” counterparts.

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