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New York Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner responds to Giants fans after the team’s overtime win in Week 8

New York Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner saw all of the X (formerly Twitter) posts about Jalin Hyatt gaining separation from him on one play during the preseason (which would result in an incomplete pass). And after the Jets’ 13-10 overtime win against the Giants on Sunday, the second-year cornerback didn’t hesitate to let the NFL world know he’s standing on business.

Speaking to the media after Sunday’s game, the Jets’ cornerback expressed his thoughts leading up to the Week 8 matchup against the Giants.

“I’m not gonna lie, this is a game [where] I wanted it kinda bad,” stated Gardner. “Anytime I went on Twitter I’m seeing an incomplete pass like it’s a big Super Bowl winning play, so I couldn’t wait to go against them. It wasn’t just a thing with Hyatt, cause he’s a good receiver, but in general I was looking forward to this one.”

When Gardner was told the Giants finished with -9 net passing yards in the game (yes, you read that correctly), the second-year cornerback responded in cool fashion.

“It’s calm right there. We did our job.”

Despite the incredible performance by the Jets defense, Gardner admitted that he still has holes in his game – primarily as a leader of the team.

Like many Jets fans, Gardner himself couldn’t predict the team’s miraculous comeback, stemming from the improbable heroics of quarterback Zach Wilson.

“I thought the game was over and next thing you know I’m getting my hand taped up again,” said Gardner.

Well, at least he was honest.

Gardner admitted that in order to be a better leader on the Jets, he needs to show it – whether the team is winning or losing. As far as his performance on the field is concerned, however, Sauce has nothing to prove.

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FWIW…..Keith Hernandez was smoking a cigarette in a team office when Mookie hit his roller to first