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This WFAN host’s obsession with the New York Jets has gone from troublesome to embarrassing

The New York Jets have faced an uphill battle against the media this offseason. From ESPN analysts to Green Bay Packers media members, the negative energy has been felt – and often on multiple fronts.

But nothing compares to the obsessive hatred spewed by WFAN host (and NY Giants fan) Shaun Morash. That made Sunday’s 13-10 overtime win against the Giants the icing on the cake for Jets fans.

Since the offseason, Morash has levied a smorgasbord of vitriol at the expense of the Jets. In fact, you would assume that Morash was a scorned lover with the way he obsessively belittles Gang Green whenever anyone is listening.

Prior to the matchup at MetLife, the WFAN host went on an absurd tirade lambasting Jets quarterback Zach Wilson for spending time with his family during the Jets’ Week 7 bye. After all, who better to criticize the schedule of NFL athletes than a man eating an Entenmann’s donut?

The Zach Wilson obsession alone is enough to conjure a cockeyed response from anyone with an ounce of understanding. Yet the golden nuggets from this WFAN host come in the form of the Jets obsession itself.

In a now-deleted post, Morash is seen at Metlife during the Week 8 matchup doing the Jets’ chant, with an ever-so-creative spin.

As it turns out, the only thing Morash won’t stuff down his gullet is a serving of humble pie.

After the Jets’ improbable come-from-behind victory in overtime against the Giants, Morash could do nothing but double down from the side of a man without anything truly important to say.

Sure, with Zach Wilson under center, the Jets’ ceiling is limited. But the Jets have one of the best defenses in the NFL, elite skill position players, and the verbal commitment of Aaron Rodgers to play in 2024. They have also defeated the Giants three times in a row. I guess it does suck to suck.

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Thomas Christopher has been covering the Jets since 2018. He is an avid sports fan, mixed martial artist, fantasy football player and Rex Ryan stan. He's also one of Jets X-Factor's breaking news writers. Email: tpascar[at]
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