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Sauce Gardner offers hot take on NY Jets’ new uniform concept

NY Jets New Uniforms
Sauce Gardner

If it were up to Sauce Gardner, the New York Jets’ uniform overhaul would probably be unpopular among fans

Dissatisfied with the team’s 2019 overhaul, New York Jets fans have long speculated whether the team would change its uniforms once the window opened in 2024. Now that the year is finally here, it’s starting to appear more and more likely that the Jets are indeed on the verge of another uniform overhaul.

Rumors emerging from Florham Park indicate the Jets are planning to make their 2023 “Legacy” throwback uniforms – inspired by the team’s 1980s design – the new full-time look going forward. If this transpires, it will likely be a highly popular decision among the fanbase, which generally tends to prefer the Jets’ classic uniform designs over the modernized look it introduced in 2019.

One Jets star isn’t completely on board with the idea.

Sauce Gardner chimed in on the uniform rumors via Twitter, offering a different opinion than most Jets fans. The two-time first-team All-Pro says, “I personally think we should start a whole new wave with new jerseys for home/away and maybe do throwbacks as an alternate; just MAYBE, but that’s just my opinion.”

Fans playfully voiced their disagreement with Gardner’s opinion. One fan replied, “All love man….but nahhh! Lol. Throwbacks need to be permanent!”

Gardner responded to the fan by saying, “That’s because y’all been Jets fans for a long time and have some great memories watching the OG players wear them. I like the throwback jerseys without a doubt, but just how the OG players dominated in those, we young so we could start a more modern wave too.”

In his final tweet on the subject, Gardner offered one last thought, simply stating, “Basically what I’m saying is new jerseys is a tribute to new beginnings.”

If I can offer my two cents here, I have to disagree with Gardner. While I understand where he’s coming from, the Jets’ throwback look is simply too clean to pass up. I mean, just look at these.

The most important factor of this discussion is that Nike doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to creating new modernized uniforms. Most of their new designs are received poorly.

Considering this, I think it would be too risky for the Jets to attempt another new design. The last time they tried it, we got a somewhat messy uniform design that a large portion of the fanbase did not like. We don’t want a repeat of that situation – or dare I say another Browns or Buccaneers situation (R.I.P. to Tampa Bay’s digital clock numbers).

Meanwhile, throwback designs such as those unveiled by the Jets, Eagles, and Seahawks typically receive rave reviews. It’s hard to go wrong with a vintage style that features bold colors, simple block numbers, simple block striping, and no gimmicks. After a decade-plus of teams force-feeding ambitious modern designs to their fans, we’ve entered an era where the simplicity of old-school aesthetics has become widely appreciated.

Perhaps the Jets can play both sides by introducing a new alternate uniform that features a modernized design. I was a fan of the all-black looks in the 2019-23 set, so I would be on board for an alternate modernized design that is built around black. The Jets could also just take the Legacy design and make it black with green stripes or numbers.

Davante Adams rumors? Offensive line overhaul? Nah. The biggest and most important storyline of this Jets offseason is the uniforms. If the Jets get this right, they can redeem themselves for everything that went wrong in 2023 and instantly elevate themselves to championship contender status.

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5 months ago

As long as they get rid of the black. That phase is over….enough! The idea of a “team color” is to separate your from other teams, and to have something your fan base connects with, EVERYBODY using black defeats this purpose.

If they want to wear the black pants a couple of times a year I’m ok with it, and I did notice this year they toned down the black quite a bit. They can use the 80’s as their primary and go with the “Namath” look for “throwback” days.

It’s time.