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Film Review: A glimpse into NY Jets’ vision with Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers

New York Jets fans briefly saw what the team’s offense is supposed to look like with Aaron Rodgers

With all the craziness going on around the New York Jets in the last week, I decided to go back to some positive times.

I hadn’t watched the film of Aaron Rodgers from last year’s preseason in a long time, so I decided to dive back in and take a look. It’s February and that’s where I’m at, so you know the offseason will be a long one.

Nonetheless, after looking through the film, I was reminded that Jets fans have a lot to be excited about as long as Rodgers is on the team – which we knew, but it is still nice to be reminded of.

Yes, Aaron is 40 years old and coming off a season-ending Achilles injury. With that being said, his arm and brain are not going anywhere anytime soon. That is what will matter in the long run for the Jets to contend during the Rodgers era.

Without further ado, let’s break down the film of Rodgers’ preseason appearance against the Giants. This game was a brief glimpse of what the Jets envision their offense looking like with the four-time MVP quarterback under center.

Aaron Rodgers film vs. Giants

Here, Rodgers immediately changes the call based on the coverage. It’s clearly a zero blitz and the most disrespectful look possible from the Giants, stacking the box like they are. Rodgers smartly alerts to the smoke screen to Garrett Wilson with the CB playing off coverage. Quick, elite release from #8.

This is just some high-level QBing that we did not see the whole season from the Jets’ QB room. It would normally be a minimal gain on a run call, as it would be a rare occurrence for the Jets’ QBs to check to this, but it is something that Rodgers will do at ease all of next season.

Next, the Jets call a nice naked play action. Great, hard play fake from Rodgers here to sell the run. He is going to his opposite side and flips his hips so effortlessly to make the throw into the flat.

The play gets called back due to a crack back block from Cobb. Nonetheless, this play shows some of the little things that have been so difficult for New York’s offense but look like nothing for Rodgers. It isn’t as simple as it looks. Rodgers is so good at the little details and intricacies of the game of football, something that will elevate the Jets offense a ton in 2024.

It’s third-and-5 here on Rodgers’ second drive. He takes a shot to Wilson on the go route to the bottom. Great ball from A-Rod; I think if Wilson could go up with two hands, it would be a catch, but his other arm is getting held by the DB and he draws a flag.

Rodgers does a great job looking off the MOF (middle of field) safety and gets the ball out quickly. It’s just a dot of a throw, with no window to really throw the ball into. Rodgers looks like he’s in control throughout all these plays. There’s no indecisiveness from #8, which is such a breath of fresh air to watch.

Another keeper play to the left here. Rodgers makes it look so easy again, flipping his hips going to the opposite of his throwing-hand side. Rodgers’ throw appears as casual as it gets, but again, it’s not as easy as it looks.

Also, watch how Mecole Hardman and C.J. Uzomah really sell that Mecole is going to block the Giants player they point at. It is a small detail but something that helps sell the PA to the maximum. We rarely saw that amount of detail being put into plays from the Jets in 2023. It matters. Easy, good yardage in the red zone on the play. Love it.

Last but not certainly not least, the most impressive rep from Rodgers in this game. Clear RPO for Rodgers here. He knows that he has the freedom to throw the ball here to Wilson if he likes the look, and he does, as he throws an elite ball right on Wilson’s face mask for the TD.

It’s very similar to the first play to Wilson. He sees a look he likes and makes the decision to throw it to #17 rather than run the ball.  Great job by Rodgers to buy some time in his drop also; just watch his tempo, which helps give Wilson time to win on his route. Rodgers knows he has to get the ball out ASAP because the line is run-blocking and executes it as well as you could.

This is how the Jets want the offense to look

Rodgers and the offense were really clean, clear, and concise in their first 10 plays together in the preseason, minus a few miscommunications and mishaps. This was all because Rodgers was under center and it was easy to see. Rodgers was precise, consistent at making the right decision, and consistent at getting the team into advantageous looks.

These are some things that were missing the whole season. The little details weren’t there, such as getting into the right plays, having the O-line slide the correct way, and getting the ball out on time and on target.

This was all provided with Rodgers under center, and if he can stay healthy, the offense will look this way come September, leading the Jets into being contenders in the AFC.

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