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A glimpse of what NY Jets’ new green, black jerseys could look like

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New York Jets Uniforms

The New York Jets’ new look evokes a simple, classic feel

At long last, the New York Jets have given their fans exactly what they’ve been dreaming of.

A Lombardi Trophy? A division title? A season of competent offensive line play? No, no, no. We’re talking about something much more exciting: new uniforms.

Back in 2019, the Jets overhauled their uniforms after a 21-season run in the previous set that was introduced in 1998. They went with a modernized look for the first time in team history, abandoning the simplistic identity that had defined the team’s uniforms since the franchise’s inception.

For the most part, the fanbase did not approve of the new-age look. Complaints about the uniforms were frequent over the past five seasons. It didn’t help that the Jets went 27-56 in those uniforms, but still, based on the reaction from the very day they were unveiled, it always felt like the Jets were trending toward reviving their old-school identity as soon as the rules allowed them to (five years later – 2024).

Well, 2024 has arrived, and as expected, the Jets are getting new uniforms with a classic vibe. In a recent announcement, Woody Johnson and the team confirmed they are promoting their 2023 “Legacy White” throwback uniform to the primary uniform, with new green and black versions being introduced to complete the set.

We will have to wait until April to see the new uniform set in all of its glory, featuring the introduction of the green and black uniforms. However, thanks to a phenomenal edit made by Twitter user Joe McManus (@McManusDesign), we have an extremely accurate depiction of what the uniforms could look like.

Simple. Classic. Crisp. Clean. That’s what a New York Jets uniform should look like.

I’m excited to see the official unveiling. While McManus’ design is likely going to end up being extremely close to the real thing, some aspects of the uniform are up in the air. I’m anxiously awaiting the answers to a few burning questions.

For one, what will the shade of green look like? Will the Jets maintain the shade of green that was featured on the Legacy White uniform? They could end up doing that, but I wouldn’t rule out a slight alteration since it was a slightly different shade than the helmet. The Jets could also do the opposite: keep the jersey shade and change the helmet shade to match the jersey. Or maybe both will change.

Secondly, what will the black uniform look like? McManus’ mock-up depicts white numbers with green stripes and a green collar. I’m a huge fan of this look, but it’s not a lock to be the official design, as there are other options. The Jets could put green outlines around the numbers, or even white outlines around the stripes. The helmet choice is also in question. They could use a black helmet for the all-black look or just stick with their green helmet.

I’m also curious to see whether the Jets elect to place their logo on the chest of the jersey (similar to the 1998-2018 uniform). The Legacy White uniform did not include this, as it was not a part of the 1978-89 uniforms that these throwbacks were based upon, but I believe it’s an option worth considering now that these uniforms will be full-time.

The idea behind adding a logo would be to improve the brand recognition of the jersey. When fans wear these jerseys on the street, having a logo on the front would let other people know it’s a New York Jets jersey. Without the logo, it’s a fairly basic green jersey that could easily be mistaken for an Eagles jersey or that of a college team.

Yeah, I’m admittedly a little crazy when it comes to uniforms. I analyze them as closely as I do the Jets’ offensive EPA per play or defensive third-down blitz rate. What can I say? It’s a fun topic. And you can’t judge – you’re still here reading this, so you must be at least somewhat of a uniform nut, too.

I can’t wait to get some of these questions answered in April, but for now, I’ll happily use McManus’ pristine edit as my point of reference whenever I picture the 2024 Jets in my head.

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4 months ago

Again, Green helmets with the black. I HATE the black, as voiced many times, but no need for a black helmet or black end zones…EVER! If they want the black then please keep it off the helmet and end zones.