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Robert Saleh’s NY Jets need less hype and more doubt

Robert Saleh
Robert Saleh

National media doubt of the New York Jets is a net positive for the team

The big X is off the backs of the New York Jets, at least to a large extent.

For a team that hasn’t made the playoffs in 13 years, it’s better that way.

Head coach Robert Saleh said it best: “Last year was a little loud. We welcome a little bit of quietness.”

In 2023, the X was going to be there the minute the Jets traded for Aaron Rodgers. Hard Knocks amplified the noise, but the Jets as an organization did nothing to disrupt it. Instead, they publicly gloated about Rodgers and made boasts about the strength of their team before having anything on the field to show for it.

It’s hardly shocking that Bills tackle Dion Dawkins spoke of his distaste for the team; to a large extent, the Jets were inappropriately cocky last offseason.

This offseason, it’s incumbent upon the Jets to learn from the hubris of last year. They haven’t proven anything or earned anything. Sure, the defensive players have a right to some pride, but ultimately, as a team, they’re just a has-been with the longest active playoff drought in the four major American sports.

Rodgers has a part in that. He’s the one who told the team to cut all the surrounding noise but continuously courted attention. Although Saleh laughed off Rodgers’ recent pseudo-vice presidential bid, it was yet another distraction around the Jets. Throughout the offseason and as training camp draws nearer, the team’s goal should be simple: be as boring as possible for a New York franchise.

Saleh knows how to make his pressers boring. He’s an expert at deflecting incisive questions with almost laughably banal answers. Sometimes, he inexplicably decides to deviate from that realm (see: taking receipts, “we’ll see them again,” “Do you want me to throw the podium on the floor?”), giving fodder to the media. In those moments, perhaps he should take his lead from Joe Douglas, the most boring interview of all time.

This should set an example for Jets players, too. Stop running your mouth, both in the media and on Twitter. Keep your head down. Show some humility. Let people forget you exist.

There’s reason to be excited about this Jets season. They have perhaps the most complete roster in their team history. They project to be a far stronger unit than in 2023. Still, they face doubt from the national media — and that’s a good thing.

As Saleh said, “If you ain’t got no haters, you ain’t popping. So hate away.” Let that doubt fuel an inner fire — but not a trash-talking one. Prove the haters wrong on the field. The best Jets teams of the last half-century have usually been underdogs sneaking up on people rather than favorites.

Rather than the Rex Ryan mantra, taking the Eric Mangini approach might do the Jets a bit of good.

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1 month ago

Well…the most boring interviewee of all time would have to be….drumroll plz…rat tat tat
Bill Belichick, hands down.
Seriously though, I think the constant citing of Aaron as a distraction is lazy and inaccurate. It’s only a distraction if the team allows it to be; he does mushrooms, he’s a VP candidate, he’s anti-vax yadda, yadda, yadda Who cares? Is the WR room distracted by these things? Is the coaching staff? More importantly, is he? I think not.
C’mon. It’s the media that distracts itself! (and the die-hard fans who eat it up).
I much prefer the head-down, hard work of say the 72 Dolphins to the loud, in-your-face, and in-the-media style of the Jim McMahon ’85 Bears or Ray Lewis Ravens, but either way, a successful team polices itself and comes together regardless of what the media prints about them.
The Jets’ locker room loves Aaron, to a man, and has his back. That’s what matters, not what WE think or what WE are “distracted by”

Last edited 1 month ago by mlesko73
Jonathan Richter
Jonathan Richter
1 month ago

“they’re just a has-been with the longest active playoff drought in the four major American sports.

To be a “has-been” you first have to be a “be”.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jonathan Richter
1 month ago

How about some better coaching.