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Game-changing uniform news drops for New York Jets

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New NFL helmet rule likely has major implications for New York Jets uniform fanatics

If you’re a New York Jets uniform enthusiast (like myself), then you’ll be ecstatic to hear yesterday’s big NFL news.

According to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero, the NFL informed teams it has revised its uniform policy for the maximum number of helmet designs that teams are allowed to wear in a season.

Previously, teams were only allowed to wear two helmet shells per season – one primary shell and one alternate shell. Starting in 2025, all teams will be allowed to wear up to three different helmet designs in a season.

However, the rule will take effect immediately for teams that underwent a re-design process for the 2024 season – a group that includes the New York Jets.

So, what does this mean for the Jets? Simply put, it means there is a chance that New York could introduce a new alternate uniform alongside the black uniforms that have already been announced (but not yet unveiled) by the team.

The Jets wore black helmets with their black alternates over the past two seasons, so, presumably, they will continue doing so with their new uniform set. This means the new rule opens up the possibility of introducing a third helmet color in addition to their primary green and alternate black.

The allowance of a third helmet creates a variety of options for the Jets. Hypothetically, New York can introduce a white alternate helmet to be worn as part of a throwback uniform from the Joe Namath era.

Introducing white helmets as part of a Namath throwback is the most appealing option, in my opinion, but there are a number of different ways the Jets could take this. They could also introduce a navy blue helmet and bring back the New York Titans throwbacks.

The Jets are not the only team introducing new uniforms this year. They are joined by the Lions, Texans, and Broncos. Presumably, at least one of these teams will be utilizing the new three-helmet rule; otherwise, it seems unlikely Pelissero would bring it up in his report.

Considering the vast array of branding opportunities created by introducing a whole new alternate uniform, my guess is that all four teams took advantage. Teams can never resist making a new uniform to sell more merch.

New York will reportedly unveil its new uniform set on April 15. In four days, we shall see if the Jets utilized this new rule.

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1 month ago

Titans throwbacks every day of the week.

1 month ago

I do not do twitter or X. In response to the insert on this article, the old Titan throwback uniforms were AWFUL. White or blue, didn’t matter! Just ugly! Not the Jets!!