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The Media vs. Aaron Rodgers: Prepare for the receipts

Mike Florio, Aaron Rodgers, NY Jets, Receipts
Mike Florio, Aaron Rodgers, New York Jets, Getty Images, Jet X Graphic

Receipts will be pulled if the media continues its crusade vs. Aaron Rodgers

Over the past month, we have watched multiple members of the NFL media collectively lose their minds over Aaron Rodgers missing the New York Jets’ mandatory minicamp. These media members refuse to acknowledge that Rodgers attended nearly every voluntary practice throughout the spring, but that’s beside the point.

The real issue that needs to be considered is this: Why is the media’s reaction to anything Aaron Rodgers-related so extreme? Is it for views? Is it pure hatred of Rodgers? What is it?

The truth is, the Mike Florios, Nick Wrights, and Jason La Canforas (every time I write his name, I must remind you he grew up a die-hard Red Sox fan and then switched as a grown adult to become an Orioles fan the moment their farm system was good) don’t actually care. They have Rodgers Derangement Syndrome. The mere existence of Aaron Rodgers impacts how they operate in day-to-day life.

Rodgers’ prickly personality or political leanings could turn off a portion of football creators and fans. However, in this instance, we talkin’ about Egypt. Not a game, not a game … Egypt.

The derangement has reached a point where if Aaron Rodgers identified a cure for cancer, brokered peace in the Middle East, and supplied the world with clean drinking water, Mike Florio would ask why he didn’t do anything about climate change.

The recent buzz was really all about a 48-hour period where Jets players went through media day and some light practice. Let’s see some of the reactions people had about Rodgers not attending:

The Jets organization: Not a big deal.

The Jets players: Don’t care.

The Jets fans: Who cares?

Jason La Canfora: Aaron Rodgers is a threat to democracy.

As it pertains to Mike Florio and ProFootballTalk, the Rodgers obsession has seeped into their overall perception of the team. Florio ranked the Jets 25th in his NFL power rankings, which by all accounts is just factually wrong. PFF (known Jet fan antagonists) ranked the Jets defense No. 1 at all three levels. Even with Brian Costello at quarterback, this team would be considered at least top 20, and with a HOF QB and a revamped offense, it is easily top 10.

Now, a sizable portion of the fanbase will tell you, “Don’t give it attention, this is just what they want.” But here’s the problem: We are 1 of 32 fanbases. All other teams are consuming anti-Jets propaganda, and the average Joe is too dumb to realize it’s not a big deal. Also, these NFL media guys are raking in six-figure salaries, so who cares if their Twitter check from Elon increases $1.45 for the month? When I see a situation going south or see the Jets unfairly being dragged, I’m responding to it nine times out of 10.

I’ve had my fair share of battles defending the Jets against NFL media personalities, and I have never lost. I will pull receipts. I will bring facts. And worst of all, I have an inventory of memes locked and loaded. The two white whales of mine to battle next are Florio and La Canfora. They see me and are choosing to ignore me for now. 

Just know… I am inevitable.

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