Darrelle Revis, Richard Sherman
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New York Jets legend Darrelle Revis did it again; he called out San Francisco 49ers corner Richard Sherman on Twitter.

Many would say Richard Sherman lives in Darrelle Revis’s head, rent-free. Others would argue what the New York Jets legend says about the former is deadly accurate. Whatever you may say on the topic, at the very least, it’s a constant NFL topic.

Yet again, the former New York Jets shutdown cornerback has called out his former cornerback brother, and he did so on Twitter.

Darrelle Revis, Richard Sherman

I mean, man oh man; either these two have an agreement to rib each other in public or both guys are bored.

According to No. 24, Revis is more handsome, according to women, better at corner, according to everyone, and shutdown corners are paid more than Cover 3 corners. I wonder if Revis held back at all.

To be fair, the Jets corner was responding to a Sherman slight that happened the day prior.

Sherman decided to sick it to Revis while quote-tweeting a video featuring T.Y. Hilton forcing Revis to turn his hips entirely too early to be followed up with a nasty stiff-arm.

When exactly the feud between these two started is tough to figure. In terms of recent memory and in the public, it began when Revis questioned Sherman’s man-coverage ability prior to the Super Bowl.

He was right. Sherman was torched by Patrick Mahomes in the Super Bowl, the very same Mahomes who struggled mightily for the majority of the game.

Obviously, Sherman didn’t just sit tight after the initial jab.

Now, after a slight Sherman jab, Revis has struck back with full force.

Folks, we have two grown men, two Pro Football Hall of Famers going back-and-forth on Twitter. Nothing to see here.

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