Denzel Mims
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Blewett’s Blitz Film Review extensively covers the New York Jets’ newest exciting young weapon, wide receiver Denzel Mims.

The Baylor deep threat has arrived. Denzel Mims, Joe Douglas’s first second-round pick, is the newest New York Jets weapon that hopes to help Sam Darnold in year No. 3 and beyond.

Thought of as a possible first-round talent, Mims slipped well into the second round and the Jets took advantage. First on the docket is an initial film review by Blewett’s Blitz (60 plays).

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Mims (bottom) shows his physicality early on in this review. Mims “gets even” off of the snap, shoves the cornerback outside and stems inside of him. The corner continues to peek inside with outside leverage. Mims makes a decent break (little high before, in the break and leans out of the break).

Mims (bottom) uses a shuffle release off of the line to allow a two way go while widening the corner. Mims gets caught a little with the outside hand (needs to be ready for that) but is able to swipe it away. Mims gets vertical and throws a stutter, which makes the CB gear down. Mims then continues vertical and the CB kicks it into full gear in response. Mims then breaks back (gets out pretty quick) but isn’t targeted.

Mims uses another “get even” off of the line to allow for the two-way go while assessing the CB. The issue is that his hands aren’t ready for the punch. The punch catches Mims in the chest disrupting the route. Mims bows the route out far to the sideline instead of working to stack the CB. The route is covered well.

Mims’s (top) biggest fix going into the NFL will be his route running. Here, Mims doesn’t use much of a release (simple release) and immediately works inside, which is OK. The problem with the route is the next phase. As he works inside, he needs to attack the open hip of the CB. Doing this wouldn’t allow the CB to get over the top of the route and “crowd” the route break while also allowing Mims to lean into the CB before the break.

Mims (bottom) eats up the cushion with “short strides” or “foot fire”. The CB continues to play off, Mims uses a rocker step to create false steps/manipulate the hips of the CB. Which works as the CB opens inside then fights to get outside. Mims breaks inside, creating plenty of separation. Another defender is in the throwing window, but it’s a solid route.

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