Joe Douglas, Logan Ryan
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Logan Ryan‘s rumored asking price places New York Jets general manager Joe Douglas in an extremely familiar situation.

Ten million smackers a year is the current number dancing inside Logan Ryan’s head.

Can you blame the guy? His January pick-6 will forever remain one of the top defining moments of the 2020 (2019 season) tournament. To see a once valued New England Patriots employee stomp out the Tom Brady era in such style would help the marketability of any football player.

If only Joe Douglas had the same number bouncing around his noggin—the deal would have already been signed, sealed and delivered to all involved.

According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, the veteran corner is looking for “more than $10 million per season.”

While that will undoubtedly turn some heads, Douglas’s dome will remain steady and firm. So firm that he has no problem inviting Ryan into his financial New York Jets Thunderdome, a place many a player has visited only to never escape.

Ryan, 29, is a Berlin, NJ native whose Rutgers alumnus status (graduating in 2014) cooks up perfection when thinking Jets as his next professional home. Gregg Williams could use a veteran cornerback to mix it up with the youngsters—Bless Austin, Arthur Maulet, Bryce Hall—currently holding down the position next to newcomer Pierre Desir.

“The Dolphins were right to back away from that price point as other teams have also done,” Salguero wrote. “The New York Jets, who desperately need a starting cornerback — and not a slot but an outside corner — to be able to field a defense, also are playing this cautiously. They also are interested, but they have not made an official offer because they don’t want to pay that freight.”

Value is the name of the game for the Jets’ front office boss. Having spent a decade and a half under Ozzie Newsome in Baltimore (winning two Super Bowls) and another three seasons for the front office-smart Philadelphia Eagles (add another championship to the pile), the man they call G.M. Joe drives a hard bargain. Look no further than this past offseason.

Not one but two former Jets returned on one-year value deals. When the entire living football world thought each could have garnered much more dough on the open market, Douglas invites them to his financial Thunderdome and has his way.

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Possible Logan played Mehta, got himself on TV to create interest. Bet that JD’s price is 6, with no other offers. For the difference of 4 million , you play every card, wait till the bitter end, New Possible suitor in the Giants..move on to Warford


Ryan’s Mehta ploy didn’t seem to work, no teams are pounding on his door. Giants would seem to have a serious need, curious. JD understands the market. Logan’s move. Hope JD pursues Warford , seems like a good fit and really finish this year Offensive Line rebuild. Not even hint of interest, disappointed.