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How the Patrick Mahomes contract impacts New York Jets’ Jamal Adams

Jamal Adams, Patrick Mahomes
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The Patrick Mahomes contract does, indeed, impact the Jamal Adams situation currently raging with the New York Jets.

So far, so good. Mt. Adams has yet to erupt which signals good news for the New York JetsJamal Adams has kept it congratulatory on his now famed social media accounts.

At least… for now.

Patrick Mahomes is a quarterback while Jamal Adams is a safety. Yeah, you got me. The fact Mahomes just signed the richest contract in NFL history means nothing for the current situation raging on in Florham Park, NJ…

You might as well provoke the volcano firmly nestled on Prez island with that attitude. Of course Mahomes’ deal matters to Adams and the Jets.

Per ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the deal is for 10 years and up to $503 million.

Under normal circumstances, the most important aspect of any NFL contract is the guaranteed money. In this instance, we’re still not sure how achievable that $477 million is.

These are not normal circumstances. The world is currently in the midst of a pandemic that has literally threatened the livelihoods of so many employees of this league (and others). The relatable aspect of the Mahomes contract and Adams’ situation is timing.

The Jets best player can now point to this record-breaking deal—as he’s done prior with the Christian McCaffrey agreement—and raise a worthwhile argument. If the Kansas City Chiefs can get it done with their best player, why can’t the Jets?

While the answers are obvious, those very same answers will give Adams the idea that Joe Douglas and company do not value the man as much as the Super Bowl MVP. It matters not what you think—only Adams.

Any fraction of faith or hope Adams might have had in the Jets getting this thing done would vanish once that veil is lifted. Adams thinks, “If the pandemic isn’t the issue, they really must not value me to a worthy extent.”

Interestingly, the one positive negotiating chip for the Jets didn’t come to pass. As the story broke, rumblings about Mahomes’ salary being tied to a percentage of the salary cap began to surface. It turns out that’s not the case.

The Jets—who seemingly want to wait on paying Adams—would have had a nice leg to stand on if the cap percentage part of the Mahomes story was true. The best player in the league would have been betting on the Chiefs and the NFL the very same way they bet on him.

If the cap grew (which, of course, it normally does), Mahomes would become richer. If it declined, his salary would shrink as well. What a tidy message coming from Mahomes; in this uncertain era of COVID-19, I’ll do my part and sign this thing while conceding a bit of security.

Since that’s not the case, Adams has every right to jump up and down despite the contrasting positions on the field. The stars are still swimming through the dough (Scrooge McDuck style) in spite of slower front office activity (and rightly so, at this moment).

The fact he understands he’ll receive safety money (or at least something resembling safety money) is Adams’ concession. No longer can the “uncertain times” excuse be accepted in unison.

Whether or not Jamal Adams should be paid now remains a healthy debate with legitimate arguments coming from both sides. Only now, the pandemic cannot be cited as a healthy, all-encompassing excuse.

Real intentions (on both sides) are about to be revealed. Perhaps only now, two volcanos may be ready to boil over if the first (Mt. Adams) forces the other one (Mt. Jets) to react.

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3 years ago

I like that other than the conference calls 2 weeks ago you haven’t heard anything leaking from the organization. We know where the Jets stand they want him here “for life”. Which leads me to believe he will have an reasonable and respectable offer if not during camp then midway thru the season at the very latest. I think they’d wanna see him in the building being a “good soldier” especially after all this nonsense.