Curtis Martin, Brad Smith, Leon Washington, Shonn Greene, Matt Snell
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From Super Bowl 3 to Curtis Martin, there’s plenty of diversity when ranking the greatest touchdown runs in New York Jets history.

Robby Sabo

“And he may go. He’s in there! Snell scores!”

Matt Snell‘s touchdown in Super Bowl 3 remains one of the most memorable scampers in New York Jets history. Lining up behind Joe Namath, Snell took an off-tackle play four years to the house with Emerson Boozer leading the way and Winston Hill sealing things off.

While it’s not one of the more flashy rushes in organizational history, the impact it had on the franchise is etched in stone.

On this day, Jets X-Factor counts down the greatest touchdown runs in Jets history while factoring in both the impact and wow factor.

12. Brad Smith‘s keeper at Giants Stadium (2009)

The man who really put the final stamp on Giants Stadium was Brad Smith. In the final game ever at Giants Stadium (the Jets regular-season finale in 2009), Smith ran for 92 yards and this touchdown that kicks off our list. What a weapon this guy was in the wildcat. Here, he uses Tony Richardson and keeps it on the option.

It helped lead New York to a comfortable 37-0 victory and clinch a playoff spot—one they used to beat the Bengals in Cincinnati the following week.

11. Chad Pennington‘s fancy feet (2002)

Poor Eddie Robinson. When things are rolling, they’re simply rolling. Chad Pennington couldn’t juke out any NFL defender more than once every 10 tries yet on this particular play in 2002, he stunned the Buffalo Bills linebacker for the score.

10. Curtis Martin’s power in San Diego (2002)

“You play to win the game.” And just because Curtis Martin is the greatest running back in franchise history does not mean he’ll automatically make this list. After all, his smooth, methodical, vision-driven rushing of the football tends to not receive all the love.

But, after all, this is Curtis Martin.


The week following Edwards’ famed rant, Martin helped the 2-5 Jets to a stunning 44-13 victory over the 6-1 San Diego Chargers. It, of course, led to a 7-2 finish and an AFC East crown. Martin’s 17-yard lion-hearted touchdown run from a draw play helped define a memorable season.

That hot finish culminated with a 41-0 wild-card win over Indianapolis – which remains one of only two playoff victories by 25+ points in franchise history. Our next run on the list occurred in the first of those two blowout postseason wins.

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