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New York Jets defenders Foley Fatukasi and Bennett Jackson made their acting debuts on “The Late Show” recently.

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Two New York Jets defenders received a chance to showcase their acting skills.

Foley Fatukasi and Bennett Jackson starred in a recent The Late Show with Stephen Colbert sketch called “player introductions.” The twist was obvious as soon as the video begins: player introductions if done by a particular director.

Beginning with a play on Martin Scorsese’s classic Goodfellas, both Fatukasi and Jackson—along with two current and two former New York Giants players—got the chance to shout out their respective alma maters (UConn and Notre Dame).

Jackson took on the role of “Benny two times,” the bizzaro world character of Scorsese’s “Jimmy two times” who once decided to go “get the papers, get the papers.”

Another player introduction version included Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. Fatukasi took on Brett’s role, the young man whose fate was decided by Samuel L. Jackson’s character as Big Kahuna Burger food rested on the table.

Werner Herzog, Wes Anderson and even Steven Spielberg classics also appeared in the sketch. Giants defensive tackle Markus Kuhn bravely took on Wayne Knight’s role in Jurassic Park, which meant he became the unfortunate soul to sit on the toilet while a dinosaur chomped down.

Colbert himself loved the performances put on by both Jets.

Jackson essentially doubled-down on his “two times” role with a tweet.

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Other Giants players (past or present) who participated include Victor Cruz, Lorenzo Carter and Jonathan Casillas.


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