Zach Wilson
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Zach Wilson wasn’t sure what number he’d wear on his New York Jets jersey, but his mom might’ve spoiled the surprise.

Zach Wilson may be an NFL quarterback, but he’s still vulnerable to being embarrassed by his mother.

The New York Jets‘ top pick made his first statements in green on Friday, less than 24 hours after he was named the second overall choice in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft. Wilson was in Cleveland for the draft and was the first pick to be greeted in-person by commissioner Roger Goodell after his selection. He has since reached Florham Park and is taking in his new green settings.

In his opening statements, Wilson played coy when asked what number his new uniform would bear. He wore No. 1 in Provo, a digit that hasn’t been work in New York since Michael Vick’s one-year term in 2014.

“I haven’t picked the jersey number yet…I think we’re kind of thinking about that in the future. You know, we’re not sure what we’re gonna do there,” Wilson said, per audio provided by the Jets. His lack of a numeral didn’t deter his excitement to be in New York, as he bestowed big praise on offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur.

“Coach LaFleur is awesome, we get along super well, it’s natural,” Wilson said. “It’s easy, easy, easy, you got to talk to and joke around with him and get along with him. The cool part is you don’t always have to talk about football, you know, we can just talk about whatever, you know, life and he’s a great guy. I’m so excited to work with him.”

Alas for Wilson, his mother Lisa might’ve spoiled the big surprise. Lisa Wilson has been documenting her family’s NFL journey through her lengthy Instagram story, one part of which is centered on a Jets jersey bearing the No. 2. That number hasn’t been used since Pro Bowler kicker Jason Myers wore it in 2018.

Jets fans likely hope that this isn’t the last surprise Wilson has in store for the NFL. He himself was subjected to some pleasant surprises upon his arrival to the Garden State, as he was delighted by the Jets facility and the golf courses in the Florham Park area.

“I’m so excited to have this opportunity to be here,” Wilson said. “We actually got into New Jersey this morning and, you know, it’s a beautiful place. We were flying over the top of it and saw a bunch of golf courses, which is good. I’m not a very good golf player, but I’m getting there.”

“But it was a blast. I’ve had a great time sharing this moment with my friends and family. My family came in this morning and they love it. We’ve been at the facility and we’re having a blast.”

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