MetLife Stadium, Zach Wilson
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New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson recently visited MetLife Stadium in a brand new ride he cannot help but showcase.

The kid is on top of the world, ladies and gents.

Zach Wilson, the New York Jets quarterback and next face of the franchise, has completed rookie minicamp, is finished with the get-to-know-you phase, and already seems comfortable in his new Northern New Jersey surroundings.

Recently, the BYU product visited MetLife Stadium with love in his emoji-filled eyes, per his official Instagram account.

MetLife Stadium, Zach Wilson
Instagram, @zachkapono1

He decided to visit the place next door to where Jimmy Hoffa was supposedly buried all these many years. (It’s an urban legend of course, but one that’s fun to reference from time to time.)

In other words, not to go too dark and confuse the youngsters, Wilson took his new ride out to his new professional Sunday home, MetLife Stadium.

Zach Wilson, BMW

Sunday Stadium? Check. New ride? Check. New weapon and off-field friend in Elijah Moore? Check. New Jets attitude that’s already permeating through the building, including the front office and coaching staff? Check.

Everything is coming together nicely for the Jets’ new quarterback. He’s even pleased with his new surroundings.

What the Florham Park/Morristown, NJ area turned out to be was a breath of fresh air for the Draper, UT native.

“It’s a very pretty, beautiful place, very green, so I’m excited to be here,” Wilson told reporters during rookie minicamp last weekend. “The biggest thing I learned is that this area is not a city lifestyle, I mean it’s great. If you want the city, you’re close by. You can hop on the train or drive down, but it’s cool that we’re in the suburbs (and) we’re kind of away. It’s an easy place to focus on football and just be able to get what you’re supposed to get done.”

Jets X-Factor

Zach Wilson is on top of the world, a feeling and narrative he and the rest of the New York Jets organization hope lasts for a long time.


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