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Former New York Jets running back Le’Veon Bell is back at the Twitter tirade thing, but this time it morphed into Adam Gase days of the past.

Robby Sabo

Oh, how New York Jets fans don’t long for the days of yesteryear. More specifically, the Adam Gase days of yesteryear.

Unfortunately, Thursday forced some fans to relive the experience.

Former Jet Le’Veon Bell decided to craft one of his infamous Twitter tirades recently. What started as a plea for “opportunity” eventually turned into a shot at the Gase-era Jets.

“I don’t consider a “HB dive” on 3rd & short [or] 4th & short every time is an opportunity,” Bell tweeted Thursday evening. “We line up and they would call out the play. That’s not [an] opportunity—on top of the play being a dive. I can’t make sh*t shake with that.”

Hey, at least he kept it family-friendly.

The 29-year-old back has decided to respond to some of the many responses today on Twitter. The above tweet was in direct response to Broadway Jets Podcast’s NYJ Mike’s take on the situation.

In 2019, Bell finished eighth in the NFL with 311 touches in 15 games. His last season in New York was even more of a disaster, as injuries limited him to just two games prior to the eventual cut.

Bell then rushed for 254 yards and two scores on 63 carries in nine games for the AFC champion Kansas City Chiefs. What was witnessed in New Jersey carried over to Kansas City; the man has noticeably lost a step.

While the competitor in Bell should never accept that idea, running back is a position that features a notoriously short shelf life. Mike Maccagnan had no business inking Bell to major money when the organization was without a legitimate offensive line.

Bell’s first tweet of the day was innocent.

Unfortunately, it turned into several replies.

Right now, Bell remains a free agent.

Gase’s combined 9-23 record over his two years in Northern New Jersey has placed him in rare head coaching territory. From Sam Darnold’s stagnation to the plethora of injuries, the dark cloud that arrived over Florham Park in January 2019 didn’t scatter or drift away for 24 long months.

For at least one night, Jets fans on Twitter will have to slightly relive those memories. The good news is that today’s Jets feel far removed from the troubles that followed the team over the last couple of years.

Yesteryear should remain just that: the past. Le’Veon Bell, a man who did so many great things off the field for the New York Jets, should remind himself of that. If only for the sake of his own future.


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Dark Demonik
Dark Demonik

Every Jet fan knows how awful is Adam Gase but L.Bell once against reverting to this Steelers days pointing fingers instead of taking one in the chin. If he was the player he claims to be he would SHAKE OFF those defenders being top 3 highest paid RB in the league Bell was given many chances to thrive and i hate Gase but im going be real with what i saw i had so many people on youtube bash me because they don’t know the difference of looking like a million dollars and being in condition to playing like one… Read more »