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With the 2021 season nearing, the New York Jets have released additional safety protocols for fans attending games at MetLife Stadium.

Earlier this offseason, the New York Jets announced that they’d be allowing fans into the stadium at 100% capacity for home games during the 2021 NFL season. Now, the team has released additional safety protocols for those wishing to attend.

In a statement by the team, “MetLife Stadium will open at full capacity this NFL season without requiring face coverings, proof of vaccination, or proof of a negative COVID test.”

The Jets also plan on negating touchpoints around the stadium by implementing a cash-free policy at all concession stands and retail operations; this is in an attempt to limit as much contact among individuals as possible.

Fortunately for die-hard fans, tailgating will be permitted under New Jersey’s policies on gatherings and businesses, so prepare for the return of the full experience come gameday.

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Other safety features include mobile-only gameday tickets and enhanced cleaning and sanitation – with hand dispensers readily available.

All of this is excellent news for fans who wish to see their team play during this upcoming season, one that will feature a new head coach, a rookie franchise quarterback, and plenty of new names and faces to get acquainted with.

The team plans on releasing more information on gameday protocols as they become privy to it and we get closer to the start of the season.

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