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Elijah Moore has not only earned the admiration of New York Jets fans but, more importantly, his coaches as well.

Andrew Golden

The New York Jets‘ early star of the offseason, rookie wide receiver Elijah Moore, is already impressing his new coaches.

Whether it comes in the form of 7 a.m. workouts, his understanding of the playbook, or highlight plays in practice, Moore has done anything and everything he can to stand out from the crowd.

With minicamp over and 40 days until training camp, the Jets are confident Moore will build on his strong spring and return ready for action. This includes offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur.

In his post-minicamp press conference, the new offensive coordinator spoke glowingly of the rookie weapon.

“This guy wants to be really, really good in this league, and he wants to make a name for himself,” LaFleur said, “He’s so internally motivated and driven [and] you can just tell, even on a good rep, it doesn’t matter to him; he’s just like, ‘What can I do better?’ Sometimes it’s like, ‘Elijah, I really don’t have a coaching point for you right there, it was really good.’”

While Moore fits the slot to perfection at his level, the Jets plan to use him all over the field. When asked how Moore was handling the heavy workload, LaFleur credited receivers coach Miles Austin for adeptly training Moore at various spots.

“When I was a receivers coach, I was almost a little bit nervous to do that,” LaFleur admitted. “I wanted to see these guys have a little bit of success because I knew how hard it was. He embraced it and he goes after it.”

His physical talent is evident, but it is Moore’s competitive drive that LaFleur is most impressed with.

“The cool part about Elijah is that this guy just works,” LaFleur added. “I know a lot of people say that, but he does, and he puts in a lot of time.”

The Jets are counting on Moore to bring that flair to an offense seemingly lost in the dark for ages. If early returns are a sign of things to come, Moore could not only lead the Jets out of the dark but establish himself as a bright-burning NFL star.

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Andrew Golden is a film analyst for Jets X-Factor with a focus on the NFL Draft, prospect evaluations and breaking down scheme fits. He also co-hosts the Oklahoma Drill Podcast with Vitor Paiva and Matt Mauro. Email: agoldenjets[at]gmail.com
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