Zach Wilson, Quinnen Williams
Zach Wilson, Quinnen Williams, NY Jets, Getty Images

Quinnen Williams and the New York Jets aren’t listening to outside criticism

Over the past few years, there have been far too many New York Jets moments that have felt like legitimate rock bottom. Blowout losses are nothing new for this fanbase, but they still sting just as bad each and every time.

For most NFL franchises, the team’s 26-0 loss to the Denver Broncos would be rock bottom; but for Gang Green, it’s just another Sunday.

The Jets are once again 0-3 and fans are understandably upset. The team underwent a complete makeover this offseason from the roster to the coaching staff, and yet, the Jets still look like they’re playing a different sport than everybody else on Sundays.

But it isn’t just the fans who are unhappy.

In Monday’s media availability, Quinnen Williams was asked if he believes the fans have a right to be upset with how the team has performed over the past few seasons.

“(I) still don’t wanna hear that sh–,” Williams responded. After an uncomfortable few seconds of giggling to himself, Williams proceeded to tell the reporter, “I see what you’re doing.”

Whether or not the reporter was trying to generate a headline is irrelevant. The question is a fair one, especially when mediocre teams like the Detroit Lions are at least looking competitive in their losses — something that can’t be said for the Jets.

The positive part of Williams’ response, however, dealt with rookie quarterback Zach Wilson.

“People that have negative stuff to say about Zach and the team, we’re not listening to them,” he said. “People who are saying it don’t play [football].”

The team should be blocking out all the negative noise. One of the downsides to playing in the NFL’s biggest market is dealing with constant criticism when you underperform. The last thing this team needs is for Zach Wilson to be reading emotional tweets calling him a bust after three games.

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That being said, the Jets are going to have to start getting better. Fast. Because losses like the one on Sunday have become too common of a theme for this long-suffering franchise. Whether Williams likes it or not, fans do have the right to be upset.

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Ian Roddy is a football writer currently working towards his masters at USC. He brings a versatile journalistic skill set to Jets X-Factor with both writing and audio. Email:
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Douglass Pinkard
Douglass Pinkard
2 years ago

Like ALL reporters, this one would set fire to his own mother if he thought it would get him a story and the attendant glory. Never mind that the question is inherently stupid (the “right” to like or not like something is hardly in need of debate), and asking a professional athlete whether fans have this or any other right is the same as asking a Supreme Court justice who won the FA Cup for Blackpool in 1948 (Monty Python allusion, for those of you without educations).

In the end, of course, A LOT of people in “media” are making money off the fact that a rookie QB is playing rookie QB football (surprise, surprise), same as the rest of the rooks apart from the ONLY one that came equipped with an entire team around him and the greatest coach to ever wear a sweatshirt on the sidelines (or anywhere else, presumably), and he, too, had a god-awful, 3-pick outing this past Sunday. Wanna know who’s off to a yet WORSE start? The “generational talent” currently under center in Jacksonville. And if Sam Darnold’s numbers as a “game manager” did NOT make a rookie playing with 10 OTHER rookies starting on a 2-win team look anemic he’d go down as as big a bust as Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, or Brian Bosworth. Which he’s not.

I came into this season in abject fear we’d not manage a miracle sometime over the first 4 games and I’d have to suffer the moronic bullshit now being slung all over various outlets, but here it’s happened. We were NEVER supposed to be competitive against the teams we’ve faced so far, but get back to me by season’s end if we haven’t picked up 5-6 wins. Then, maybe, I’ll listen to this moronic bullshit.