Zach Wilson, George Fant
Zach Wilson, George Fant, NY Jets, Jet X Graphic, Getty Images

Zach Wilson’s teammates cannot contain their excitement over the kid’s first NFL Rookie of the Week award.

The New York Jets and their fans are hoping it’s just the first of many. Come to think of it, his teammates are in the same boat—for if the quarterback plays well, so does the rest of the roster.

So, perhaps a Derek Jeter-like (business as usual-type) celebration was in order after Zach Wilson snagged his first NFL Rookie of the Week award.

Think again. (Hey, who says you can’t have at least a little fun?)

On a Thursday in Florham Park, NJ, the Jets social media team released a video featuring reactions from the rookie quarterback’s teammates. They reacted to the award dished out to Wilson for a Week 4 effort resulting in the team’s first victory of the season.

From George Fant’s near-rehearsed lines to Corey Davis’s overhyped reaction, numerous teammates reacted to the news while heading out to a non-padded practice.

Party animal Dan Feeney reacted with a WWE reference, sparking the legitimate thought that he’s daydreamed about a professional wrestling career a time or two. (Feeney, of course a heel, locked in a brutal storyline against babyface Stone Cold Steve Austin is probably written down or drawn out somewhere in his childhood box of memories.)

Nathan Shepherd walked by with a, “Let’s go for two weeks in a row,” whereas Foley Fatukasi took the opposite approach, playing it cool and unsurprised.

Wilson threw for 297 yards and two touchdowns (to one interception) on 21 of 34 passing against the Tennesee Titans this past Sunday—a 27-24 overtime victory.

Now the official titleholder, Zach Wilson heads to London with some hardware. We’ll all find out what he has in store overseas.

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Richard Hausig
Richard Hausig
1 year ago

I was not for this player from the start and Im less sold now. I respect you guys who breakdown tape, I just dont see what you see. They talk about the first throw he made last year at BYU. The WR wasnt open and the pass was short and late, the WR made the play, not him. I hear about his arm, not impressed. Hes always late so his feet arent set and he doesnt have good release mechanics. He never points his front shoulder at the target, that might work in collage but not on the pros. He throws well on the run but both the long completions last week were short. The first one might even have been targeted to 84 and 88 caught it. Both WRs were 3 yards behind the defense and that ball should have been a TD. The TD to 84 was an OK throw and the WR did a great job using his body to create space but he was also behind the defense and if that ball is 3 yards deeper its an uncontested TD.

I thought the Bills did a great job with Allen by teaching him to first crawl into the lineup, then run, then pass. The first year he won games with his legs, not is arm. As he got comfortable they had him do more but bc he was winning they could be patient with him. These guys are all talented, its all about mental capacity, mental toughness and confidence. Not, “I hope so” confidence, true confidence. You can still let Wilson get outside and throw it deep a few times a game but he should be focused on read 1, read 2 – start moving, read 3, go! And get positive yards on the ground. Keep it basic and build his awareness in the pocket by throwing less and running him more. As he learns the clock in his head will become more precise. He wont get better until he learns that and its not as easy as it sounds. Heres the other thing. The defense is pretty good and clearly Salah is a good defensive coach. Our ToP is 27th in the league, if you can get that to 30 min the D is gonna be that much better. We are never going to have a great scoring drive % but if the O can get a few more 1st downs and give the D better field position you might get a few more wins, which is what this team really needs. All this losing builds on itself, its gotta stop.