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The team showcased their scary transformations on social media

As they look to conjure up some on-field scares over the final 11 games of the season, the New York Jets got things rolling with a Halloween celebration.

With the spooky antics documented on social media (namely Twitter and Instagram), Jet X ranks the revealed transformations. Each gets a deserved game ball and a hefty amount of Halloween candy for their non-game-day fit, but there can only be one No. 1.

Special thanks to team reporter Ethan Greenberg for compiling the costumes in a Twitter thread.

4. Well Received

Wide receiver Corey Davis goes for a bold choice in the sense that he doesn’t go with an immediately recognizable, licensed character for his costume. He instead goes for, perhaps, how Jets fans see Bill Belichick: a hoodied version of the Grim Reaper.

The New England Patriots head coach may have ruined the hoodie for Jets fans forever, but Davis certainly deserves some credit for a relatively original, if not simple, showing for October 31.

3. Yabba-Danna-Doo

If Dan Feeney has proven one thing during his brief tenure with the Jets, it’s that he knows how to have a good time. He further establishes that point in his Halloween costume, dressing the iconic Fred Flinstone.

Feeney joins fellow offensive contributor Daniel Brown, who likewise chooses to channel animated antics. The tight end dons a new shade of green and a fake mustache to portray Nintendo character Luigi.

The Dans’ choices are bold: they pose together and neither is dressed in the proper accompanying costume in return (Barney Rubble/Mario). Additionally, it feels like the mustachioed Feeney would’ve been a more natural fit for the role of Luigi, and the missed opportunity is glaring as they pose together.

But confidence is half the battle, and the dueling Daniels are more than happy to check that box.

2. Stay Punt Marshmello Man

If the true name of the Halloween game is to hide your identity, punter Braden Mann would’ve been the far and away winner.

Mann hasn’t been seen in a Jets capacity since suffering an injury in the early stages of Week 1 but returns to the scene in a big way with his dedicated costume to EDM producer Marshmello. He dons the DJ’s famous bucket-esque marshmallow helmet, complete with colorful lights inside, and finishes off the look with a Marshmello branded varsity jacket.

1. Captain Quinnen Williams

In today’s world of 24/7 breaking news and rumor-mongering, it’s almost shocking Quinnen Williams‘ couples costume alongside his wife Maranda hasn’t ignited rumors of his transfer to Tampa Bay.

Williams is scary enough for opposing quarterback on Sundays, where he’s plundered his share of turnovers, an ability that would frustrate even the legendary Jack Sparrow. He’s certainly the last person you’d want boarding your ship, an idea that he and Maranda are more than happy to play into.

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