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After a quiet start to his career, Elijah Moore is starting to make his presence felt

Many odd things have happened in New York Jets land over the past few weeks, but the most intriguing one is flying under the radar.

For the first time in ages, the Jets’ offense is better than the Jets’ defense.

Honestly, when was the last time Jets fans could say that? The Jets are a team that historically fields good defenses while trotting out below-average offenses. With a new defensive-minded head coach in town, it was assumed things will stay the same.

Nonetheless, since New York came out of the bye week, the offense has undeniably been the Jets’ better unit. The last two weeks have produced historically great numbers:

Better play at the quarterback position is the biggest factor, but it should not go unnoticed how much better everyone is playing in Mike LaFleur’s scheme since the bye week.

The wide receivers are getting open consistently, the running backs are picking up extra yards, and the offensive line is finally playing at an above-average level.

LaFleur, now in the booth to call plays, echoed the sentiment that the improved execution has made all the difference.

“The reason for some of the success on offense is just the execution that’s happening with our guys. They are playing faster, they are playing free,” LaFleur said.

Yes, the execution is better, especially at the quarterback position – and that’s key. But LaFleur has also been competent enough to recognize his players’ improvements and unleash them.

Take Elijah Moore for example.

Moore was getting open before the bye week, but he needed to be more consistent with the little things of the wide receiver position, such as his routes’ landmarks.

Elijah, a complete wide receiver, was mostly deployed as a “gadget” and as a deep option on LaFleur’s play designs before the week off.

Since the bye week, though, Moore is everywhere.

Moore’s usage, now, is much more than generating explosive plays. LaFleur is incorporating him everywhere in the Jets offense.

Quick throws, jet sweeps, intermediate patterns, double moves – Moore is a do-it-all wide receiver.

And that’s where LaFleur deserves credit: he was able to recognize Moore’s improved play. Now, the Jets’ play-caller is feeding his second-round wideout without any distrust.

The new approach has produced good results.

Jets’ quarterbacks have been successful when targeting Moore in the past two weeks:

Moore showed in his college tape that he has the ability to impact all three levels of an offense. Now, the Jets are finally using him accordingly. In the games against the Bengals and Colts, LaFleur used Moore in all three levels of the Jets passing game: short (quick game), intermediate and deep.

Troy Aikman mentioned on FOX’s telecast of the Jets’ loss to Indianapolis that LaFleur told him in broadcast meetings that he sees a lot of Brandin Cooks in Moore’s game.

It’s a great comparison, and the Jets could use Moore the way the Saints used Cooks early in his career: Short, intermediate, and deep.

In the video below, I explain how Elijah Moore has been slowly incorporated into the three levels of the Jets’ passing game:

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With the Buffalo Bills coming next, Moore will possibly have one of the biggest challenges of his career; not because of any individual matchup, but because of Buffalo’s defense overall.

Buffalo disguises coverages better than anyone else in the league. Can Moore find those soft spots for whoever starts at quarterback?

Game planning for the tough Bills’ defense is never easy.

But it’s fair to say Elijah Moore should be a big part of whatever the Jets try to do.

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1 year ago

Fascinating once again. Explains in detail how Moore makes a QB successful, contrast that with the route running of Mims ( and of course his hands) gives you an understanding why Mims see a lot of bench time. Moore makes White/Wilson and La Fluer look good.