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How Mike White takes the NY Jets offense to NFL standards | Film

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Mike White brings confidence and steadiness to the New York Jets offense

“Everything needs to be evaluated. When you put up one hundred yards of offense, I don’t care how good New England is, and they are good, it’s unacceptable. That’s not NFL football. Everything is being talked about.”

That’s what Robert Saleh said after the New York Jets‘ 10-3 loss to the New England Patriots, and he was right. Picking up 100 yards of offense, no matter who you are up against, is unacceptable in today’s game. There’s just too much speed in today’s game with rules that don’t punish it.

With a defense that is championship caliber, the Jets had to reevaluate. And they did.

Their conclusion: The team needed Mike White.

White, a former fifth-round selection from the Dallas Cowboys, isn’t going to widen anyone’s eyes.

Despite being listed at 6-foot-5, White is a skinny quarterback who doesn’t possess the strong arm nor the quick release desired with younger quarterbacks around the league.

Nonetheless, White has other qualities that any excellent NFL quarterback must have: football IQ, pocket awareness, leadership, and confidence. One can also add the ability to vary his touch, to put something more tangible in there.

And all of them were on display against the Chicago Bears.

Make no mistake about it: The Bears’ defense is bad. Still, White’s performance must not be diminished because of that.

Mike White was objectively good, despite the opponent. Some QB qualities can be evaluated no matter who you are up against.

For example, anyone can see that Zach Wilson has a strong arm. It can be seen against anybody. The same goes for the quarterback’s field vision and his ability to change velocity/touch on throws: you either have it or you don’t.

Mike White has it.

For now, it’s time for Jets fans to let the quarterback controversy aside for some time.

I’m not saying White won’t make mistakes. He will. White is much closer to being an average NFL quarterback than anything else at this moment, which means bumps will come.

But this is Mike White’s team. And Jets fans must enjoy the ride.

Mike White’s Game Film vs. Bears

White’s tape against the Bears was refreshing.

His decision-making was on point and paired with good rhythm and pocket awareness – probably his greatest qualities.

The New York Jets run a pure progression offense (sans for “hot” WR routes), in which the quarterback navigates through his reads (one to two to three to four) no matter the coverage (most of the time).

White’s best attribute from a scheme fit standpoint is that he can do it quickly, while also marrying his feet with what’s developing in front of him.

That helps everyone: receivers, who can run their routes knowing when the ball is coming if it’s going their way; and the OL, knowing that the quarterback will maneuver the pocket within proper depth.

The plays selected for the film breakdown are there for a reason: In the end, all of them, together, are a good showing of the good things Mike White brings to the table for the New York Jets offense.

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1 year ago

Can you talk a bit more about White’s arm strength? I’ve heard mixed reviews. He was a pitcher, I’d think it’s strong enough? Can he make “all the throws” or is the play calling limited by his “arm talent?”
He also appears to have a “longer delivery” is that impacting how quickly the ball “gets out?” I mean it looks great at times, then other times he’s not looked good. I’m not only talking about the Buffalo game last season, he didn’t look particularly good in camp, until he showed some signs at the very end.
He could just be developing which would be great.

1 year ago

It may be that White doesn’t have the strongest arm in the league but a lot of his completions only happened because of the speed of his passes. You definitely see the former baseball pitcher that he was. I would like to see statistics on the velocity of Whites’ throws if the league keeps those. They certainly look fast to me.

1 year ago

Saleh is so walking the line in “not losing Zach” vs not losing his team. It’s clear who the team prefers…likely for awhile now, and White is demonstrably better at the moment. Unfortunately Saleh must feel he cannot say “it’s White’s job to lose…period”. It will be an amusing sidebar if they continue to succeed with White to watch Saleh’s creative transition to some form of “it’s White’s job to lose”. Zach will either man up and grow up or try to pout his way out of NY.

1 year ago
Reply to  Psi

You’re right, however I don’t think it matters to the team that Saleh says “it’s White’s job to lose.” What he is saying though is “Zach will play when he’s ready.” I think that’s the same thing as saying it’s “White’s job to lose.” It’s pretty clear that if Zach wants to play, he’s going to have to outplay White, so as long as White is playing well, Zach sits. It’s smart, and in the end could be the developmental moment Zach needs.
Zach hasn’t pouted so far, and although not shown over and over again it makes you want to throw up, Zach did say in a press conference he was wrong. He said he didn’t react well, acknowledged he needs to be better. He spoke to the team and seems to be sincere in his statements. That’s step one, now he’s got to play better. This is not an excuse but he had very little experience against weak competition. He could just be one of those QB’s that will need a couple of years. Rogers was 3, so was Brees. Brady sat an entire season. Young bounced around 2 leagues before he found the right fit and his stride. Simms was benched an entire year by Parecells. It happens, I’m not saying Zach will be as good as any of those guys, just saying we don’t know yet.
The idea that a 23 year old, with talent, who played one season vs. a weak schedule is done because the NFL and NYC overwhelmed him and caused mechanical issues with his game, to me is overblown. He’s got time. I just hope White can keep it together long enough for Zach to catch up or find a different solution.