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Mekhi Becton goes on Twitter tirade in response to doubters

Mekhi Becton, Clelin Ferrell, NY Jets, Raiders
Mekhi Becton, New York Jets, Getty Images

Mekhi Becton was back at it with a whole lot more social media fire on Wednesday

There are two kinds of people in this world: people who feel the overwhelming desire to clap back at trolls on social media, and people who are lying.

Mekhi Becton is taking the doubts about him personally and he’s letting the world know it.

Becton’s recent social media saga began Tuesday morning with a couple of tweets and an Instagram post, but it didn’t end there. Since then, Becton has kept at it with an enormous flurry of additional responses to critics.

On Tuesday, Becton posted several videos to his Instagram story from a recent workout with offensive line trainer Duke Manyweather, captioning each one with a different word — “Bust, overweight, lazy, fat, not working.”

Manyweather then gave some input of his own, quote tweeting a Twitter user who said “Here we go folks, Mekhi Becton is back working with Duke Manyweather.”

The O-line trainer replied: “He never stopped…”

Becton returned to Twitter to continue his message to the critics, calling out those who reacted negatively to his workout videos.

Again quote tweeting, this time he invited those mocking his workout routine to come give it a try for themselves.

After all that, thinking Becton would give it a rest for a while would seem to be a reasonable assumption. But alas, no.

Wednesday morning saw Becton continue the social media tirade with particularly dominant clips from his rookie year in 2020, captioning each one with an ellipsis.

Of course, the Jets fans looking to troll Becton are in the vast minority, but naturally, seeing the left tackle engaging with them so much might concern some. What if he views all Jets fans this way now?

Fortunately, according to Becton himself, this isn’t the case. He quote tweeted another reply that read: “Saw you like a tweet saying the Jets fanbase is terrible. At least we’re able to show up on most Sundays.”

Becton’s response: “Never said ‘All Fans’ only the ones like you”.

Becton then got back to calling out detractors.

Becton has never been one to shy away from fan engagement on social media, but something definitely feels different about this time. It’s pretty clear how much the outside noise has been bothering him. If he uses the criticism as added motivation, he could make a lot of people look pretty foolish come next season.

Ian Roddy is on Twitter @IanRoddy_

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2 years ago

Becton’s mind is not in the right place. Worry about getting back to playing football.

2 years ago

This illustrates the problem with Becton, it’s his maturity I question. His need to respond to these people he doesn’t know with a series of tweets makes me wonder if he has the mental toughness at this point. Yes, he can post videos of workout but that doesn’t negate the fact he went to OTA’s overweight last year. I wonder if he’s got a “pro” mindset. If he does, then just do the work and show it on the field. The fans don’t want to see great workouts they want to see great play. Just an opinion.

Bob Fowler
2 years ago

Imagine the hubris required to challenge a world class athlete’s workouts and injuries. Whether or not Becton is a super star or bust, there aren’t any fans commenting about him who can do better than he does, or else they’d be on the team. Having a snarky comment doesn’t make you cutting edge. It just leaves you what you are, a petty person needing to be thought of as relevant. Back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, it was the drunk at the end of the bar who had all of the answers. Now we have entitled keyboard warriors. Instead of trying to prove your ‘cool’ by attacking Becton (or any other player for that matter), why not just go sit at the end of the bar and join your ilk?

2 years ago

Good to see the big man putting in the work. My only question is: how is it that Mekhi was able to manhandle Nick Bosa in regular season play his rookie year, but was routinely beat by Carl Lawson in training camp his sophomore year? Is Lawson that much better than Bosa? I’d ask him myself, but Twitter banned me for too much “let’s go, Brandon.”