Zach Wilson, Braxton Berrios, NY Jets
Zach Wilson, Braxton Berrios, New York Jets, Getty Images

New York Jets’ offensive pieces partake in a game of “Heads Up!”

It would seem that Zach Wilson, Braxton Berrios, C.J. Uzomah and Dan Feeney have another talent besides American football: charades.

In an Instagram story posted on Monday by Berrios’ girlfriend Sophia Culpo (sister of former Miss USA and Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo), the four New York Jets can be seen locked in an intense game of “Heads Up!”, the uber-popular app game.

The game involves one player holding the phone up on their forehead as random words or phrases appear on the screen. It’s then the job of the other players to get them to correctly guess the word by acting it out — hence the similarities to charades.

In this particular clip, Wilson, Berrios and Uzomah can be seen hilariously acting out different words in unison as they appear on Feeney’s forehead. The first word, “basketball,” had all of them mimicking basketball shots. The next word, “hula hoop,” had them twirling their hips around in a circular motion. “Yoga” was lunges and zen poses, “surfing” was mimicking riding a surfboard… I think you get the picture.

Judging by other recent social media posts, Wilson, Berrios, Uzomah and Feeney have been spending a lot of time together lately. There’s so much to love about that — whether it be Wilson and Berrios’ ever-growing bromance, Uzomah’s rapid integration into the team culture, or just the fact that it’s Dan Feeney content, videos like this are must-watch content for diehard Jets fans during the offseason.

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Ian Roddy is a football writer currently working towards his masters at USC. He brings a versatile journalistic skill set to Jets X-Factor with both writing and audio. Email:
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1 year ago

how is this news?

Robby Sabo
1 year ago
Reply to  nyj_24

It’s not. Why does it *have* to be?