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A trade proposal: one New York Jets Super Bowl victory for…

MIAMI, FL - JANUARY 12, 1969: Quarterback Joe Namath #12 of the New York Jets scans the defense as he prepares to call the signals at the line fo scrimmage during Super Bowl III on January 12, 1969 against the Baltimore Colts at the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida. The Jets beat the Colts, 16-7. 196901012-125 1969
Joe Namath, New York Jets (Kidwiler Collection/Diamond Images)

For a fanbase that hasn’t smelled a Super Bowl since their lone victory in 1969, the price of one Lombardi would be steep indeed

What would you trade for one New York Jets Super Bowl victory?

There are some things that people will sell their souls for. For the desperate Jets fan, a Super Bowl victory may just reach that level.

Those who do not follow sports may scoff, but that is the depth of over 50 years of pain and intergenerational trauma.

Still, perhaps one’s soul is too high of a price to pay for a sports victory. That’s a philosophical question beyond the scope of this article.

Short of the spiritual, what are some things Jets fans might trade for one Lombardi Trophy?

Losing seasons

This is somewhat ironic since the Jets have already traded more than their fair share of losing seasons without so much as participating on the biggest stage in sports.

Since the 1968-69 season, they’ve had 17 winning years, 27 losing ones, and nine in which they broke even. This means that they’ve won more than they lost only one-third of the time and lost more than they’ve won over half the time.

But how many seasons of Jets futility would be equal compensation for one ring?

Would a Jets fan trade another 27 losing seasons in the next 53 for one title? Or are the last 11 years (save 2015) of the football basement enough?

Additional Bill Belichick Super Bowls

There is a special hatred for Bill Belichick at One Jets Drive.

It’s hard not to hate the man who spurned the Green and White for Foxborough, then proceeded to turn New England into a championship juggernaut.

And Belichick likes to stick it to the Jets, too. From 45-3 in 2010 to 54-13 last season, The Hoodie takes every opportunity to embarrass his old team. Stunts such as putting thermometers in the visiting tunnel on a frigid day are routine.

What did the Jets do to incur Belichick’s wrath? Yes, he did not like the owner situation after Leon Hess passed away. But was that the Jets’ fault? And why did he accept the position, to begin with?

No Jets fan wants to see Belichick win another title after his six victories. They are just getting over 20 years of Tom Brady.

But how many more rings for their former defensive coordinator would they trade for just one ring?

Underdog Jets Podcast, Wayne Chrebet Meet & Greet

Bring on Adam Gase

It’s a toss-up between Rich Kotite and Adam Gase for the worst coach in Jets history. Gase takes the cake due to recency bias.

Suppose Jets fans were told that in order to win a ring, they’d have to deal with Adam Gase as head coach ad infinitum. How many seasons of that debacle could they tolerate for the sweetness of just one parade down the Canyon of Heroes?

Draft busts

From the shocking pick of Kyle Brady when the fans were screaming “We want Sapp!” to the head-scratching selection of Christian Hackenberg, the Jets have been known for some fabulous draft busts over the years.

Over this 11-season playoff drought, fans have had to tolerate seeing the likes of Quinton Coples, Stephen Hill, Dee Milliner, Geno Smith, Calvin Pryor, Jace Amaro, Devin Smith, Darron Lee, Hackenberg, Sam Darnold, Jachai Polite, Denzel Mims, and James Morgan wearing the Green and White (or not, for some of them).

Still, this team has had some superb picks over the years, from Marty Lyons and Mark Gastineau in the first two rounds in 1979 to 2000 John Abraham, Shaun Ellis, and Chad Pennington to D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Nick Mangold, and Leon Washington in 2006 to the following season with Darrelle Revis and David Harris.

How many draft busts would fans be willing to see in exchange for one Lombardi? Would 10 seasons of Kyle Wilsons and Vernon Gholstons be fair?

Putrid QB play

This franchise has been starving for a savior since Joe Namath walked down Broadway.

Zach Wilson GOAT references notwithstanding, the answer still hasn’t come in 50 years.

The Butt Fumble set the standard for Jets QB purgatory, although Mark Sanchez is actually one of the better quarterbacks to helm this team in recent memory.

That’s how bad it’s been: a guy who could never get another starting gig after his time with New York is remembered fondly in Jets lore.

Would fans take another 50 years of Browning Nagle and Bryce Petty to hit the top of the mountain just once?

Alas, this exercise is most likely futile, since the Jets have dealt with all that without the Super Bowl title to show for it. Perhaps Zach Wilson can become the hero. Only time will tell.

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1 year ago

Not sure of the ages of the posters here, but my family had season tix in the “down years” of Joe Willie and Co.
While my father and grandfather could sneak sips from a flask, my brother and I sipped cold hot chocolate while our toes froze in the closed end of Shea…watching Rich Caster, Eddie Bell and the rest. Ah, good times.
Joe could still sling it though (when he wasn’t collapsing on the ground at the first sign of pressure).
The frustration, pain and desperation is real.
I now live in Eastern OR and, unfortunately, my 17 yr old son bleeds green too.
I will offer up my Black 72 Mustang Convertible for a trip to the SB.
P.s. it looks like Tom Brady built a “championship juggernaut”, not Darth Belichick.
And, Vernon Gholston MUST be on the draft bust list.
Carry on, I’m done here

1 year ago

Given the probability that Namath sold his soul to Satan to secure his SBIII guarantee, Jets fans just may have to wait until the Devil gets his due.

1 year ago
Reply to  Rivka Boord

Ahhh… but will his religion allow him to…?

1 year ago
Reply to  rex

damn, we must have typed the religion thing simultaneously!

1 year ago
Reply to  Rivka Boord

W/o getting too personal….Zach is a Mormon….Joe, ahh… was not

1 year ago
Reply to  mlesko73

Well, if the Devil does exist, I don’t think he much cares either way. 😆

1 year ago

One mistake here, the Jets have been to the AFC championship game four times since winning the Super Bowl, including back to back in 2009 and 2010. When you get to the conference championship game, you can “smell” the Super Bowl. So the NY Jets fan base has smelled the Super Bowl sin winning it in 1969!