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Elijah Moore, New York Jets, Getty Images

See the Madden NFL 23 ratings for Garrett Wilson, Elijah Moore, and more New York Jets pass catchers

Overall ratings are slowly being rolled out for “Madden NFL 23“. The video game from EA Sports started its rollout by revealing the ratings for wide receivers and tight ends.

The results for the New York Jets are interesting.

TE C.J. Uzomah: 79 overall

Newly signed tight end C.J. Uzomah checks in with a 79 overall rating in Madden NFL 23, tying for the lead among the Jets’ pass catchers. Uzomah’s most notable trait is his open-field ability, as he ranks 13th among all tight ends in the game with a 77 carrying rating.

WR Corey Davis: 79 overall

Corey Davis had an 83 overall rating at the launch of Madden 22 but has taken a 4-point dip after his disappointing 2021 season. He still offers a good combination of acceleration (92), speed (90), and agility (90), although his 82 catch rating is low for the position.

WR Elijah Moore: 79 overall

After entering his rookie season as a 73 overall, Elijah Moore has jumped 6 points to a 79 overall entering Madden 23. Moore has a great chance of being this unit’s highest-rated player when the 2022 season comes to a close. A rise into the mid-80s is certainly within striking distance for the 22-year-old.

TE Tyler Conklin: 78 overall

Tyler Conklin‘s catching ability is the most elite individual Madden trait of this bunch. Conklin’s 93 catch rating is tied with Hunter Henry for seventh-best in Madden 23 among tight ends.

WR Garrett Wilson: 76 overall

Garrett Wilson‘s 76 overall rating is fair for a first-round rookie. It ties him with Ohio State teammate Chris Olave for the second-highest rating among rookie wideouts, trailing only Jameson Williams (78).

WR Braxton Berrios: 75 overall

Braxton Berrios is not a fan of his 53 strength rating but the Madden team did give him an impressive 92 speed rating to go with a solid 86 catch rating.

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WR Denzel Mims: 71 overall

Denzel Mims was a 72 overall going into Madden 22 but dropped to a 71 after a tumultuous second season. The Madden crew still respects Mims’s athleticism, giving him 92 ratings for speed and agility, but his 80 catch rating and 69 awareness rating are poor.

WR Jeff Smith: 68 overall

Jeff Smith leads this unit with a 93 speed rating. Smith did reportedly run a 4.34 forty-yard dash at his pro day, but it’s still surprising to see him above Moore in this category.

TE Jeremy Ruckert: 68 overall

Rookie tight end Jeremy Ruckert has a lot to prove as a low third-round pick, as he is lacking in most areas. However, the Madden team showed a lot of respect for the Long Islander’s strength. Ruckert’s strength rating of 78 is by far the highest of any tight end or wide receiver on the Jets, and it also ties him for 17th-best among all tight ends in the game.

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