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New York Jets fans are shocked by the return of a chastised uniform combination

Sticking to his weekly ritual, New York Jets owner Woody Johnson returned to Twitter on Friday morning to announce what uniform combination the Jets will be wearing in their upcoming game.

Johnson’s Week 14 announcement was an unpleasant shock for many Jets fans: The Jets are going to be wearing white jerseys and green pants in Buffalo this Sunday.

The white-on-green combination tends to be the most disliked among Jets fans, due both to its appearance and the team’s lack of success when wearing it. It is known as the “Peter Griffin” uniform to some.

Naturally, the majority of Jets fans on Twitter voiced their displeasure when the devastating news popped up on their phones.

Sunday will mark the first time the Jets have worn the white-on-green combination in 2022. In fact, it will be the first time this season they have worn green pants as a part of any combination, including the preseason. It will also be the first time in the regular season the Jets have worn either green pants or green jerseys.

Some fans are happy to see the white-on-green set simply because it means the Jets are finally donning a green element in their uniform. The Jets have only worn three uniforms this regular season: white-on-black (7 games), all-white (3 games), and all-black (2 games).

Personally, the white-on-green set holds a low position in my ranking of the current Jets uniform combinations. Despite that, I am still a fan of the decision to rock white-on-green in Buffalo.

Allow me to explain why.

For the Jets, this season has been all about breaking curses and silencing stigmas. What better way to continue those trends than to overcome the greatest curse of them all, the dreaded pickle pants?

This move screams ambition. The Jets know it is hard enough to ride into Buffalo and beat the Bills to pull off a season sweep. Now they are raising the stakes even further by going with the anti-superstitious uniform choice.

I love the sheer confidence being displayed here.

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Jonathan Richter
Jonathan Richter
5 months ago

I love that spin on going against the SOJ!

Personally, I’d like to see green over white.

Sack Exchange.jpg
5 months ago

Good, the use of the black was WAY OUT OF HAND! I prefer the white on white, and like many I’m not a fan of the green pants but this black thing to TOOO MUCH, so I’m happy with the change.

5 months ago
Reply to  Jets71

Lest anyone forget, white on white is what the Jets wore for their lone Superbowl victory. The white and green look enhanced the idea of something fresh and new on the NFL scene.

5 months ago

I like it, although I’m no paragon of sartorial elegance.

Mike Palazzo
Mike Palazzo
5 months ago

Confidence is the word. Playoffs is the Goal. Buffalo is the challenge not pants.

6 months ago

It’s about time!!! Those black pants are AWFUL!!!