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Could Derek Carr become a New York Jet?

The New York Jets figure to be major players in the NFL’s 2023 quarterback market. As we sit here on December 28, 2022, the 2023 quarterback carousel has already begun spinning due to some major news out of Nevada.

On Wednesday, it was announced that the Las Vegas Raiders are benching Derek Carr for the remainder of the regular season in favor of Jarrett Stidham. Carr will be inactive.

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reports that part of the reason for the benching is that Las Vegas wants to preserve Carr’s health for a potential trade this offseason. Fowler says Carr’s market could “heat up after the Super Bowl”.

This past April, Carr signed a three-year, $121.5 million contract extension that includes $65.3 million guaranteed, extending his contract through the 2025 season. The deal also features a no-trade clause.

The entirety of Carr’s 2023 salary and $7.5 million of his 2024 salary will become guaranteed on February 15, three days after Super Bowl LVII. If Carr is dealt, it will likely be prior to that date.

Las Vegas had high expectations entering this season. The Raiders went into the year with an over-under of 10.5 wins at most sportsbooks after making the playoffs at 10-7 in 2021 and adding superstar wide receiver Davante Adams in the offseason.

Things have not gone as planned. The Raiders sit at 6-9, mostly due to a boatload of shocking blown leads throughout the year. They are still mathematically alive for the playoffs but would need just about everything to go their way for a 2-0 finish to get them into the postseason.

Carr is having a down year by his usual standards. He has completed 305 of 502 passes (60.8%) for 3,522 yards (7.0 per attempt), 24 touchdowns, and a league-leading 14 interceptions. His 86.3 passer rating ranks 25th out of 33 qualifiers, although his 56.0 QBR ranks 13th.

Out of 35 qualified active quarterbacks, Carr ranks 16th in career passer rating (91.8) and 16th in career net yards per pass attempt (6.43).

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Harlan Lachman
Harlan Lachman
11 months ago

Couid someone explain to me why any team would trade for Carr given that will almost certainly be a FA on February 15th. It is not like he is a proven top 5 QB or even shown the upside for that. Why would the league not force him to be cut and reward Carr for his value as opposed to the Raiders?

11 months ago

“$121.5 million contract that includes $65.3 million guaranteed, extending his contract through the 2025 season. The deal also features a no-trade clause.”
I’ll pass and take Mike White for 1/4 of that

Last edited 11 months ago by Rich
Jonathan Richter
Jonathan Richter
11 months ago

As a New Jersey Jets fan who’s lived in Fresno, CA for most of the last 30 years, I have no problem with the Jets signing Carr.

11 months ago

Funny how things work, the Jets could have drafted Carr. I have always liked him and I think he’d fit very well with what they are trying to do in NY. I know it’s been a rough year for him but I’m not convinced they have a legit HC in LV. I would not trade for him with any premium picks, and would prefer waiting until they cut him. That said, I do think someone will trade for him.

I’m just not sure this works out for the Jets. The other question remains: is he better than Mike White or visa versa? I don’t think the Jets would sign Carr and White so there would have to be a decision. If the Jets are looking at Carr as a “bridge” QB then they have to figure out if White can be that guy.

The other question is: do they keep Wilson? I don’t think he will every play again in NY but, time heals wounds and would it be worth just keeping him as a 3rd QB to see what happens vs. cutting him?

One thing I do know is this situation is MUCH different than anytime they have been QB shopping in the past. The team has talent, any QB they bring in here won’t be surrounded by trash as they try to figure out how to play the position.

11 months ago

If he is a free agent, perhaps. If Raiders are trying to get premier picks for him, not worth giving up picks and having to pay him. I would like to see Jets roll with Mike White, then draft and develop Richardson from Florida – AR-15.