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Breece Hall makes a prediction for the 2023 New York Jets

It doesn’t have the same bravado when it’s done over a tweet instead of in response to a heckler at a banquet in Miami, but Breece Hall‘s guarantee still gives off the same uber-confident vibe that Joe Namath gave off in 1969.

On Saturday night, in response to a post that asked which of the NFL’s 2022 non-playoff teams will make the playoffs in 2023, Hall tweeted, “We Are.”

While the New York Jets went 7-10 and missed the playoffs for the 12th consecutive season in Hall’s rookie year, New York looked like a playoff team when the second-round pick from Iowa State was on the field. The Jets went 5-2 in games played by Hall. After he suffered a season-ending ACL tear in Week 7, New York finished with a 2-8 record.

Versatile offensive lineman Alijah Vera-Tucker also went down with a season-ending injury (triceps) in the same game. Vera-Tucker and Hall were the primary driving forces behind an effective run game that was carrying the load for New York’s offense. Without those two talented young players, the Jets were unable to execute the ground-and-pound style that was necessary to overcome their issues at the quarterback position.

Over 90 run plays with Vera-Tucker and Hall on the field, the Jets averaged 5.59 yards per carry. For reference, that would have led the NFL in 2022 (Chicago finished in the top spot at 5.40).

Over 255 run plays in which one or both of Vera-Tucker and Hall was not on the field, the Jets averaged 3.85 yards per carry. That would have ranked 30th in 2022.

If the Jets can be blessed with healthy seasons from Hall and Vera-Tucker in 2023, Hall’s guarantee will have a very real chance of coming to fruition.

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10 months ago

I keep reading that our season ended w/ the loss of AVT and Breece. Certainly, the win/loss record would seem to support this idea. While I understand that they are great players and important contributors, the NFL roster is 53 players. It is inconceivable that the loss of one lineman and one RB could be so catastrophic. You’ve written articles about the fallacy of a team repeating its accomplishments from year to year. I sure hope that no one at 1JD is under the impression that we are a playoff team when these guys come back.

The Bengals lost three of their five OL men headed into Buffalo. They were three pts away from reaching the SB. We’ve got lots of work to do.

I love Breece’s confidence, but I kind of wish players would keep it to themselves. This social media brashness is what leads to the recent Q Twitter gaff. Why does everyone think the world needs to hear their inner thoughts? I have my own answer that involves “participation trophies”.

Weeb was none too thrilled when he heard about Joe’s guarantee.

Last edited 10 months ago by mlesko73