Nick Mangold, NY Jets, Derek Carr
Nick Mangold, New York Jets, Getty Images

Nick Mangold seems to have revealed his preferred quarterback choice for the New York Jets

On Sunday, ESPN reporter Jeremy Fowler provided another “update” on Derek Carr, if you want to call that. Fowler tweeted that while nothing is final and two other teams remain in the conversation (Carolina and New Orleans), Carr “has a slight lean toward the Jets as his next home”, though the Jets are still linked to Aaron Rodgers. It doesn’t really provide any information we didn’t already have.

More importantly, one of the best centers in NFL history used Fowler’s report as an opportunity to extend an offer to help Carr settle into the Garden State.

Mangold tweeted, “What’s the word @derekcarrqb? No one tells me anything so I figure I’d go to the source. Hit me up if you need a realtor.”

It seems Joe Douglas does not keep Mangold in the loop on free agency discussions, according to Mangold’s tweet. But perhaps Douglas should start giving Mangold some calls, since not only do the Jets need a new quarterback, but they will also be looking for someone to snap him the football.

There is a good chance the Jets will be in the market for a new center this offseason. Mangold, whose seven Pro Bowl appearances are tied for the seventh-most among centers in NFL history, could provide some valuable insight on finding the right man to set protections for Carr.

Hey, Mangold suggested earlier this offseason that he was interested in the Jets’ offensive line coaching job, so I’m sure No. 74 would be open to consulting on free agency decisions. (Obviously, I’m joking and we know Nick was being tongue-in-cheek… Surely, he is fully enjoying being away from the high-stress environment of working for an NFL team in the New York media market.)

For a 19-year run from 1998 to 2016, the Jets were spoiled at the center position. Kevin Mawae held the position down for eight seasons from 1998 to 2005, making six Pro Bowls. Mawae passed the torch to Mangold, who played 11 seasons with the Jets from 2006 to 2016 and made seven Pro Bowls.

Since then, the Jets have been scrambling to find their next long-term center. The Jets have had four different Week 1 starters at center over the six seasons since Mangold’s retirement: Wesley Johnson (2017), Spencer Long (2018), Ryan Kalil (2019), and Connor McGovern (2020-22).

It’s been rough. Maybe it’s not such a wild idea to ask Mangold for some pointers.

After he helps the Jets find his successor, Mangold can help Carr scout out the best spots to call home in Northern New Jersey.

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