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Aaron Rodgers explains the truth behind trade to NY Jets

Aaron Rodgers, NY Jets, Announcement, Trade
Aaron Rodgers, New York Jets, Getty Images

The New York Jets are still working on the trade to bring over Aaron Rodgers

The media event of the year has now concluded.

Aaron Rodgers said his piece on The Pat McAfee Show: he intends to play for the New York Jets.

That’s all Jets fans were waiting to hear.

However, Rodgers did drop a lot of information about his decision-making process and what has been happening for the last few weeks.

He began by explaining that since 2020, when Jordan Love was drafted, it was clear that the Packers had intended to move on from him. His only regret right now is that they did not tell him that this offseason.

According to Rodgers, when he went into the darkness in mid-February, he was at “90% retiring.”

When he reentered civilization, though, he discovered that the Packers had moved on from him.

Reading between the lines, this put a chip on his shoulder and a desire to compete.

After the Jets’ brass came down to meet with him (he found it amusing that parking their cars on the street attracted the paparazzi), he decided he wanted to play. By the end of the week, he had made it clear to the Packers that he intended to play for the Jets.

Since then, the holdup has been the compensation that the Packers want in the deal.

Rodgers dropped many interesting nuggets in his discussion, including doubling down on his disdain for the media. He said that he told Dianna Russini and Adam Schefter of ESPN to “lose his number,” a fact that Schefter confirmed.

He stated that people should consider the sources when it comes to him, later coming back to say that only a few people were accurate (Trey Wingo, though he did not mention the name) and most were inaccurate.

Regarding the “wish list” he supposedly gave the Jets, Rodgers stated that there is no truth to the idea that it was a list of demands, calling it “ridiculous.” He said that what happened was that the Jets asked about certain players and he gave his opinion, specifically on Allen Lazard, whom the Jets just signed to a four-year deal.

About Odell Beckham Jr., Rodgers said, “Who wouldn’t want to have Odell on their team?”

About the Jets, Rodgers said that Nathaniel Hackett being there was of the things that made them an attractive landing spot for him. However, he heavily disputed the notion that the Jets hired Hackett just to lure him there, saying that it is disrespectful both to Hackett as a coach and the Jets’ organization.

Rodgers did mention that several teams were interested in him, and one particular player with whom he has great rapport would have been a great reunion. Obviously, that player is Davante Adams, who was previously adamant that Rodgers would join him in Las Vegas.

Overall, it has been a long, angsty wait for Jets fans, but Rodgers finally clarified that the end is hopefully near.

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1 year ago

I’ve argued w/ other Jets fans about who has the leverage after the McAfee show and it’s pretty clear that there is no right answer.
Ultimately, it behooves both teams to get this done sooner than later. I take solace in the fact that Joe D did not acquiesce to this point. The 13th pick in this year’s draft MUST be an OLineman.

1 year ago

The Packers have to want a pick/picks in this year’s draft, the resolution has to be before then.

Last edited 1 year ago by DHB
Mike Palazzo
Mike Palazzo
1 year ago

I’m glad Rodgers shed light on the situation. Now all eyes are on Green Bay !!!

1 year ago

Hopefully JD will hold firm. The Rams allegedly gave the Lions a 1st round pick to take the bad Goff contract. The Browns gave up a second to get rid of a 17 million dollar contract. Rodgers contract is arguably worse than either. JD has allegedly said there is no way he is paying that contract. By all rights the Packers should give the Jets picks to take on this crippling albatross of a contract. that being said there is a lot of upside with Rodgers depsite the cost and the potential disastrous long term implications. JD should sign a back-up possible starter. Brissett or everyones favorite Gardner. Mike White would have been perfect for this role. This could potentially drag on post June 1. The worst thing that could happen to the Packers is Rodgers remaining on the team and having to pay him the next two years. Call their bluff. There are no other buyers.