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Odell Beckham Jr., New York Jets, Getty Images

New York Jets appear to be inching closer to a deal with Odell Beckham Jr.

On Wednesday, SNY reported that the New York Jets‘ interest in free agent wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is “very real”.

The rumor mill has only been spinning even faster here on Thursday.

Regarding Beckham and the Jets, ESPN reporter Jeff Darlington said “both sides would like to see this done” while speaking on the show Get Up.

Darlington went as far as predicting Beckham will wind up as the Jets, and he said financials are the main obstacle holding things up at the moment.

“Just because you see [the Jets’] wide receiver room continuing to shift does not mean that they are done”, Darlington said. “We should very much consider Odell Beckham Jr. still on the table as an option for the New York Jets. In fact, we can go even further to say that both sides would still like to see this done. Financials [are] still in the way of actually finalizing this thing, but I still think that Odell Beckham Jr. will wind up with the New York Jets.”

Regarding the financials, it is worth noting that Beckham seemingly suggested that a team offered him $4 million per year in a recent tweet. Perhaps that team was the Jets, after all.

New York is coming off an extremely eventful Wednesday at the wide receiver position. The Jets traded Elijah Moore to the Cleveland Browns and signed Mecole Hardman to a one-year deal.

Moore was shipped off to Cleveland in exchange for a pick-swap that moved the Jets up from No. 74 overall (third round) to No. 42 overall (second round). According to the classic trade chart, there is a 260-point difference between the value of those two picks, which is worth the same as the 66th overall pick. So, essentially, the Jets traded Moore for the equivalent of an early third-round pick.

Hardman is likely pegged to fill in for Braxton Berrios as the Jets’ fourth receiver, gadget weapon, and kickoff returner – he’s not a replacement for Moore, who was set to be the Jets’ second or third wide receiver in the pecking order. The Moore trade opened up a new hole in the starting lineup that must be filled.

Will Beckham be the man to fill that hole?

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2 months ago

Hopefully, whichever player the Jets do use for the slot to replace Moore will be big enough for the QBs to find on the field. A lot of slot receivers are on the smaller side, but Moore just seemed to be a little too small, or at least the QBs appeared to have trouble seeing him. Maybe it was partly the way he was being used by LaFleur (Tyreek Hill is around the same size and doesn’t seem to have the same problem). I distinctly remember a couple of bad passes that Wilson threw where Moore had found some open space between two defenders, but Wilson had to arc the passes a little too high to get it to him because of his small stature, which gave the defenders time to swat them away. White didn’t seem to fare much better finding Moore and it seemed like he just gave up trying after a point.

Peter Buell
Peter Buell
2 months ago

OBJ, Garrett Wilson, Lazard, Hartman..Davis or a replacement
How about a reunion with Robbie Anderson same age as OBJ.
Question, Can Zack Wilson be successful throwing to these guys with Breece, Carter, Bam Knight and Ty out of the backfield along with Conklin Uzomah and Ruckett.
Seems like Mike White could throw for 4,000 with this talent.