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New York Jets complete trade for Aaron Rodgers (Report)

Aaron Rodgers, New York Jets, Green Bay Packers
Aaron Rodgers, New York Jets, Green Bay Packers, Getty Images

It’s finally done. The New York Jets have acquired a franchise QB. Aaron Rodgers is coming to Florham Park.

According to multiple reports, the New York Jets and Green Bay Packers have finally come to terms on a trade for Aaron Rodgers. The future Hall of Famer is coming.

Officially, the Jets are giving up picks 13, 42, 207, and a 2024 second-round pick that becomes a first if Rodgers plays at least 65% of snaps. The Jets will get back Aaron Rodgers and picks 15 and 170.

The deal comes after months of negotiating. At first glance, it appears that the Packers got everything they wanted. After months of refusing to give up an unconditional 2024 first-round pick, at least not without something of major value coming back in 2025 if Rodgers would retire after 2023, the Jets ceded that and more.


Did Woody Johnson go over Joe Douglas‘ head to ensure this deal got done? Considering the previously reported concerns that the Jets had, it certainly appears that someone in the Jets’ camp decided to push the deal forward. In the past, that has been the Jets’ twitchy owner, who admitted to anxiety over getting the trade done.

With such soft protections, the 2024 second-round pick is almost certainly going to turn into a first-rounder. If it doesn’t, the Jets have bigger problems. The Packers also got a pick swap in the first round of this year’s draft. Falling back to No. 15 may not seem like much of a fall at first, but it likely takes the Jets out on the top-three OTs (Pete Skoronski, Paris Johnson Jr., Broderick Jones), as the Patriots have long been connected to the top offensive tackle prospects as well at No. 14.

That likely has the Jets looking at Tennessee RT Darnell Wright if they want an OT. If they choose to go after a different position, perhaps DT Calijah Kancey is in play. Jets were also connected to TE Dalton Kincaid early in the offseason, though that appears unlikely with three tight ends on the roster.

The trade is finally done. There’s a lot at stake for the Jets in 2023. With the draft looming, it’s time for the Green and White to walk the walk.

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1 year ago

Biggest drawback in my opinion is falling right behind NE in the draft order allowing Bill Belichick to snag whichever player the Jets need and want the most and force them to face the perennial all-pro twice a year for the next decade.

Matt Galemmo
1 year ago

This is what the trade was going to be. The conditions were never going to be affixed to playoff advancement. That was akin to saying, “If the Jets beat Patrick Mahomes, likely in Kansas City, Green Bay gets a better pick.” Think about that from Green Bay’s perspective–it’s a meaningless clause because its so unlikely to happen (the only people optimistic about that are the Jets and their fans). Playing time was all it was ever going to be, although I would’ve wanted the threshold to be higher.

The 2025 pick JD was demanding was conceived entirely to be his concession. That’s a stock tactic–the Jets were not going to get that.

What is a surprise is the first round swap, because the move from 207 to 170 doesn’t quite make up for that. Reading into this, the Jet’s must not really care about the top 3 OTs, or they want an offensive weapon (not JSN) in that spot. Either being true, the 13th pick is more valuable to GB that NY, making that a really good swap for both teams.

I now think Dalton Kincaid or Bijan Robinson are in play at 15. I know a lot of people think Robinson is a waste of resources, but they’re wrong. Having Bijan on the team would guarantee a bona-fide top tier RB on the field for every play (and maybe two of them 20ish% of the time). With elite blockers like Davis and Lazard outside and a quarterback that loves to throw to the flat the Jets would be virtually blitz proof. That freezes edges, and suddenly your tackles look a lot better.

Tell me Dawand Jones is sure to be available at 43 and I’d take Bijan in a heartbeat.

Last edited 1 year ago by Matt Galemmo
1 year ago


1 year ago

Clearly it’s Woody that’s forced this trade through. It’s no different to what they wanted last month so why wait until now and I think owner panicked which is what GB were expecting as he’s history for being impulsive. No way Joe Douglas would make this decision when they had to pay 60m guaranteed. At least it’s gonna be a very interesting season.

1 year ago
Reply to  Shaggy07

I would totally believe this. We have probably the worst ownership in the league.

However, JD lost any leverage whatsoever by not having a backup plan at QB. White was so cheap (and beloved by his teammates), it was a no-brainer to resign him, then negotiate with GB. JD could’ve flipped White after the draft. Just a brainless waste of very high draft picks.

1 year ago

JD played this about as poorly as any GM could possibly have done.
Firstly, the entire team was behind MWhite and JD could’ve re-signed him for only $5M! Then he could’ve negotiated with GB. Nobody else wanted Rodgers. GB’s cap was absolutely destroyed by his $59M salary and didn’t want him.
Instead, JD announces it’s AR or bust and we have no backup plan. We give up essentially second and first rounders and for only 1 year of AR (who is 40yo & looked terrible last year).
It’s so inept it’s actually laughable. Played as badly as anyone could imagine.

1 year ago

I hate the trade. We were the only team bidding for a 40year old QB come off an off year that might play 1 or 2 years and who has a horrible contract at 110 million over 2 years. The Jets got fleeced. Not only does it cost many valuable draft picks but we will paying forRoger’s salary in 2024, 2025 and likely beyond as we push deals into the future get under the cap. Roger’s has never played in a division like the AFC East. The NFC Central has been a walk in the park for 15 years with 4 to 6 easy games per year. The AFC east will require him to be at his best every game just to be competitive.

That being said the time to win is now. The next 2 years should be very exciting. We could win the division or we could implode and win just 4 or 5 games. Things could snowball either way. Let’s hope the schedule makers do us a favor and give us a decent starting schedule for once.

1 year ago

Cheer up man. Jeeze. We’re going to actually be good for once.