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NY Jets: Darrelle Revis explains angry Joe Klecko tweet

Darrelle Revis, Joe Klecko, NY Jets
Darrelle Revis, New York Jets, Getty Images

After angrily tweeting in response to a Joe Klecko interview, fellow New York Jets Hall of Famer Darrelle Revis explains his ire

The strange subtext between New York Jets Hall of Famers continues.

Darrelle Revis is a legendary player—and a legendary Twitter trash talker. It’s ironic how he has simultaneously kept a low profile and also returned for some more beef on social media.

Revis had a bit of a Twitter outburst in response to a Joe Klecko interview yesterday. Klecko said that at a Super Bowl radio interview, Revis called himself and Klecko the two best defensive players in the history of the Jets. Klecko was gratified by the comment.

Somehow, this made Revis angry. He responded on Twitter.

Jets Twitter reacted with almost universal negativity toward Revis. After all, it was a strange comment to make in response to praise. It’s as if Revis decided to walk back his previously gentlemanly behavior. He then further answered some of his critics. One fan pointed out that Revis’ holdouts reeked of selfishness.

Revis then explained that there was some backstory to his Tweet.

Today, Revis did an interview to explain his behavior. To be honest, I don’t think it’s going to fly any better with Jets fans.

Apparently, after the two Jets icons were elected to the Hall of Fame together, Klecko reached out to Revis to see if they could connect. Revis stated that he was busy with business ventures and travel and did not get a chance to respond to the text. He said that at the Super Bowl, Klecko called him out in front of a bunch of Hall of Famers for not getting back. Revis did not appreciate that—hence his Twitter outburst.

Am I the only one who’s still perplexed?

On the 2023 Jets

Revis praised the Jets’ organization for their roster building. He gave credit to Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh, commenting, “If I was in shape… I would probably love to play under Joe and Robert.” He pointed to Douglas’ Ravens roots as a good foundation.

Revis pointed out that Aaron Rodgers can help the Jets’ defense by giving them fewer snaps to play. He said that when he was playing with the Jets, he was on the field for 75 to 80 snaps a game, while with Tom Brady in New England, he was playing 50 to 55.

That’s not something Jets fans like to hear about the past, but it’s a hopeful look for the future.

Revis reiterated that Sauce Gardner’s style as a cornerback is very different from his. Still, he said that Sauce can be as great as he puts his mind to, as he possesses all the tangibles and the energy. Revis stated that in Sauce’s position, he would line up against Garrett Wilson every snap if he could, best on best, with Rodgers throwing the ball—an ideal scenario for growth.

Sauce will certainly garner Revis comparisons for years to come if he can sustain his rookie level of play. However, he’s kept his Twitter trash talk far more diplomatic than his predecessor, even if the volume is just as great (or greater).

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1 year ago

You’re right, Revis still sounds like a jerk.
He’s angry bc Klecko ribbed him abt not returning a text?
Be a man, how long does it take to return a text (“busy w business and travel”)
As Keyshawn would say, “C’mon, man”