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NY Jets: Darrelle Revis is at it again, this time vs. Nick Mangold

Darrelle Revis, Nick Mangold, NY Jets
Darrelle Revis, Nick Mangold, New York Jets, Getty Images

Darrelle Revis may be a New York Jets all-time great, but he’s angering people by taking things too seriously

What is with Darrelle Revis and other New York Jets greats?

He seems quite intent on getting under their skin. First, it was an inexplicable beef with Joe Klecko. Now, it’s a rather over-the-top comment on an innocent fan tweet.

Simple enough question, right? The answers are varied, so one Jets fan chimed in to tag both Revis and his two-time teammate, Jets Ring of Honor member Nick Mangold. Mangold then responded, “I like the first choice.”

Also innocent enough. Somehow, though, Revis took this as a license to take a shot at Mangold.

After some fans got on his case about the tweet, Revis doubled down.

Maybe players play to win Super Bowls, but fans don’t love players simply based on whether or not they won Super Bowls. Frankly, fans will likely keep a very clear score between Revis and Mangold—weighted in the latter’s favor by far more than one.

Mangold tweeted this GIF as part of his reaction, suggesting that he may have been aware of what happened with Klecko this week.

Revis wrote back “I’m joking with you buddy,” to which Mangold responded with a “Whew! Thank God” GIF. But then Revis couldn’t resist needling him again.

Ultimately, Revis made another mountain out of a molehill. His need to mark his territory as the best is a bit extreme at this point. He’s in the conversation as one of the best cornerbacks in the history of the game, but that’s apparently not good enough for him.

Jets fans, Mangold or Revis? Which Jets player would you love to have a drink with?

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Peter Buell
11 months ago

Revis won a Supe on a loaded Tampa Bay team and wad far from a significant contributor.
Had Klecko Mangold and many other Jets played with Brady they would have rings.
Personally, I was never a big Revis fan for whatever reason. There is no honor in him ad a teammate!
I hope Klecko decides going on the ring the same time as Revis just dosent feel right and waits till next year.

11 months ago

Honestly, beginning to wonder if there’s a substance issue.

Jonathan Richter
11 months ago

At this point I’d rather have a beer with Calvin Pryor than Darrelle. what a tool.

11 months ago

I loved Revis during his time here and even celebrated his return with Cromartie.

But maybe rescinding his ring of honor status should be on the table