Aaron Rodgers, Mike McCarthy, NY Jets, Cowboys
Aaron Rodgers, Mike McCarthy, New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys, Getty Images

The FOX Sports media personality believes a matchup between the New York Jets and Dallas Cowboys won’t go well for Gang Green

It’s no secret that FOX Sports media personality Skip Bayless does not like Aaron Rodgers. He’s gone on record to call the 39-year-old quarterback overrated and overhyped despite Rodgers having four NFL MVP trophies and a Lombardi Trophy under his belt.

Now that Rodgers is the quarterback for the New York Jets, Bayless still can’t help but to pick against the future first-ballot Hall of Famer.

Speaking on The Skip Bayless Show, Bayless has the showdown between the Rodgers-led Jets and the Dallas Cowboys (Bayless’ favorite team) circled on his calendar this year. And yet while he claims Rodgers is an overrated player, he begrudgingly admits that it isn’t the case when Rodgers has to play the Cowboys.

“Unfortunately, [being overhyped and overrated] has not applied to Aaron versus the Dallas Cowboys, when he turns into Count Dracula swooping in and sucking the life out of [the Cowboys] time after time after time,” Bayless said.

“Remember last year in Green Bay? [The Cowboys] led by 14 in the fourth quarter. Aaron turned back into Aaron ‘Bleepin’ Rodgers.’ He goes 6-for-8 in the fourth quarter alone, throwing for 66 yards and two touchdowns while my man Dak disappeared right on cue – 3-for-8 in the fourth quarter for all of 18 yards. Green Bay won the fourth quarter 14-0 and the game went to overtime … Aaron turned right around and hit Lazard for 36 yards and they walked it off with a field goal by Mason ‘Crossbar’.”

Bayless believes that things will be different for Dallas this year. The Cowboys host the Jets in Arlington this year. And the former ESPN host has the Week 2 matchup marked on his calendar. Bayless is predicting that the Jets will head back to MetLife with their tails tucked.

“I do have that game circled this year because I’m already on record. [The Cowboys] will finally beat Aaron ‘Bleepin’ Rodgers in Dallas on Sunday.”

For his career, Rodgers has an 8-2 record against the Cowboys, going 6-2 in the regular season and 2-0 in the playoffs. This includes a 3-0 record at AT&T Stadium. Rodgers has won four consecutive games against the Cowboys; his last loss came in 2016.

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Thomas Christopher
Thomas Christopher has been covering the Jets since 2018. He is an avid sports fan, mixed martial artist, fantasy football player and Rex Ryan stan. He's also one of Jets X-Factor's breaking news writers. Email: tpascar[at]yahoo.com
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4 months ago

Very few people care or like Skip Baylis. His views and opinions carry zero weight and less credibility. Would be great if he just went away. He’s just an idiot and NOBODY cares!