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New York Jets defensive tackle Al Woods is an immovable object on the interior

There were only a few true weaknesses in the 2022 New York Jets defense. The run defense on the interior was one of them.

After losing Foley Fatukasi in the 2022 NFL offseason, many Jet fans wondered how they would replace the 318-pound run stuffer in the middle of their defense.

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The answer? They didn’t replace him. The Jets went with a light defensive tackle unit. It featured no players that pushed well over 300 pounds, and outside of Quinnen Williams, none were known to be above-average run stoppers. They felt it during the 2022 season, as the interior was moved off of the ball all too often.

Entering the 2023 offseason – especially after losing starter Sheldon Rankins – it was a necessity for the Jets to invest in multiple defensive tackles next to Quinnen Williams. They needed both a pass rusher and a run stopper.

To fill their need for a pass rusher, the Jets signed Quinton Jefferson prior to the draft. But they still needed a run stuffer. Many thought the Jets would find one in the draft, but the Jets didn’t select any defensive tackles, leaving the run stuffing role empty going into May.

Just a few weeks later, the Jets finally plugged the hole by signing 36-year-old Al Woods.

The 6-foot-4, 330-pound veteran is a behemoth in the middle, to say the least. Watching his game-wrecking film is a delight.

  • Just how good is Al Woods as a run stuffer?
  • What else does he offer?
  • Has age slowed him down?
  • What should his role be?

All of this and much more is answered on this edition of Blewett’s Blitz. Plus, a list of strengths and weaknesses can be seen at the bottom of this article!

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Full member-only Al Woods film breakdown

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