Aaron Rodgers, Chicago, NY Jets, Broadway
Aaron Rodgers, New York Jets, Getty Images

Aaron Rodgers and his New York Jets teammates were seen at “Chicago” on Broadway

Since joining the New York Jets, Aaron Rodgers has become a metropolitan. From purchasing a $9.5 million dollar mansion in Montclair, to being seen at numerous sporting events, to the opening of an Aston Martin franchise in New York, Rodgers has made his presence felt in the Big Apple. And he’s taking his teammates to soak up the luxuries with him.

In the latest escapades of Rodgers and the Jets, the 39-year-old took on a whole different type of Chicago – the longest-running show on Broadway. With Rodgers were teammates Tim Boyle, Solomon Thomas, and C.J. Uzomah.

NY Jets, News, Aaron Rodgers, Tim Boyle, C.J. Uzomah, Solomon Thomas

After the show ended, the group took pictures with the cast.

NY Jets, News, Aaron Rodgers, Tim Boyle, Solomon Thomas, C.J. Uzomah

While it’s not a guarantee that the time spent off the field will translate to on-field chemistry and camaraderie, it certainly won’t take away from the memories made for the Jets players. This is a narrative that is especially important for Rodgers.

Prior to joining the Jets, the media portrayed the four-time NFL MVP as a narcissistic recluse who was more of a malcontent than a locker room leader. Instead, Rodgers has been a vocal leader for Gang Green and a teacher for not only his teammates, but his coaches as well.

And while this version of Chicago likely won’t be as memorable as some of Rodgers’ victories as a quarterback against the Bears, the Jets quarterback has shown he’s not only enhancing team culture, but he’s a man of it, as well.

NY Jets, News, Aaron Rodgers

Currently, Chicago stars Charlotte d’Amboise as Roxie Hart, Kimberly Marable as Velma Kelly, Jennifer Fouche as Matron “Mama” Morton, Evan Harrington as Amos Hart, Ryan Silverman as Billy Flynn and R. Lowe as Mary Sunshine.

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Jonathan Richter
Jonathan Richter
1 month ago

Posing for pictures with the cast is my favorite part of going to Broadway shows.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jonathan Richter
1 month ago

Hope Smart went and got his carcoochie board.