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New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers shared photos of his Achilles rehab

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers shocked NFL fans by appearing at MetLife Stadium for Gang Green’s Week 4 matchup against the Chiefs, sporting a pair of crutches. Rodgers had previously stated that he is attacking this recovery in an abnormal fashion, and now he’s shared photos of that process on Instagram.

Rodgers is known for his unique mindset. That mindset has expanded into his recovery process, and it seems to be working wonders.

Speaking to Pat McAfee on Tuesday, Rodgers revealed “there is common practices, about six weeks in a boot, and I was in a shoe in like 13 days. Again, this is just my mindset.”

It’s hard to question the 39-year-old’s methods. No one expected Rodgers to be able to move on that leg less than a month after rupturing his Achilles in Week 1. And yet he was quite mobile at MetLife, and even visited the team’s hotel on Saturday night.

Rodgers has stated that not only does he plan on playing for the Jets for multiple years, but the four-time NFL MVP hasn’t ruled out a potential return in this season’s playoffs – if the Jets were to make it.

No matter how you try to slice it, Rodgers’ recovery progress has been incredible to see, especially given his age.

Rodgers elected for the same surgery that Los Angeles Rams running back Cam Akers received in 2021. It involves putting an internal brace over the Achilles – potentially allowing for a quicker recovery.

Akers would return to the playing field just five and a half months after surgery. And, despite the issues Akers had with the Los Angeles Rams staff, the running back looked relatively good upon his return; and that is at a position that puts exponentially more stress on the Achilles than the quarterback position.

Whether or not Rodgers is able to return to the playing field this season remains to be seen. But from the current perspective, all signs point to a quick and successful recovery for the Jets quarterback.

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