Quinton Jefferson, Jermaine Johnson, Tony Adams, New York Jets
Quinton Jefferson, Jermaine Johnson, Tony Adams, New York Jets, Getty Images

An NYC bar is offering a promo that offers to pay bar tabs for games the New York Jets win, the complete opposite of a Wisconsin bar’s infamous offer

An NYC bar is flipping the script on the infamous promo from Wisconsin from earlier this year.

For those unaware, “Jack’s American Pub”, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is running a promotion this year called “Jets Lose, You Win.” For every game the Jets lose, all drink tabs are paid for. This created some hilarity in Week 1, as the Jets’ comeback victory cost the attendees at the bar their free drinks.

Now, The Rabbit Hole, located in Queens, N.Y., is implementing its own twist on the promotion. For every Jets away game, the bar offers patrons the opportunity to have their entire bar tab paid if the team wins the game.

It’s a cool offer for those who want to go out to watch Jets games and potentially drink for free. To get more information about the promotion’s inspiration, I spoke to one of the owners of The Rabbit Hole, Alex Marquetti.

When asked about the idea and inspiration behind the promotion, Marquetti said that the aforementioned “Jets Lose, You Win” promo played a big role.

“I saw that there was a bar in Wisconsin, a Green Bay bar. They were doing that if the Jets lost and Aaron Rodgers started, they would cover the tab. I don’t know what other conditions they had, but I saw a segment on the news about that,” said Marquetti.

“What happened, initially, was that I thought about doing it if the Jets lose. But it’s a home team, and that doesn’t mesh well. I was like, everyone wants the team to do well, so why not do it? If it happens, and the team wins, then they get a tab on the house.”

Once he came up with the idea, Marquetti spoke about it with his partners and decided to implement the promotion for the Jets’ away games. This was due to the promotion “costing” the bar if the Jets win and to avoid “a big hardship” on the bar if they did it for every game.

When asked about the response to the promotion, Marquettti said that he used the first away game against the Cowboys as a “run-off to fill it out and see what happened.” He asked the bartenders after the game about the turnout, saying that they “told me that there were people who came because of that promo.”

Once Marquetti came out with the official schedule, the first game following the announcement was against the Broncos.

“The Broncos game came, and I was like, this is a good game that they could win. There were people that came for it… when they won, everybody that was there was rooting for it. There were even Giants fans that were rooting for the Jets to win because, obviously, they would have gotten a free tab,” said Marquetti.

“They got a free tab, and I guess the house lost in a way. But at the end of the day, I felt that this would at least create more momentum for the whole schedule…. It seems like people are going to come in more, and at the end of the day, it is a good deal.”

Marquetti, a Giants fan, said that he roots for every home team “because it helps my business as well” and that when a home team struggles, such as the Mets and Yankees this year, it causes people not to want to go out.

After starting with the Jets, the bar owner said he has considered expanding the promotion to the Giants for “a run-off or a game.”

“It’s something that has definitely come about. I’ve thought about doing it. I don’t mind this being something that we do every season. I don’t know if it will be all these games, but maybe it is, maybe it’s not. I don’t know. We just have to see where we are at at the end of the year,” said Marquetti.

Regardless of the future of the promotion, the reality is that it is a unique one that is not being offered anywhere else. Jets fans have an opportunity to enjoy more success this season and be rewarded in the process.

The Jets have an opportunity to put together an extremely successful second half of their season. With a lighter schedule, the team could break its playoff drought if it improves on offense and stays consistent on defense.

If the Jets do rise to this level of success, the promotion at “The Rabbit Hole” will allow fans to not only enjoy the thrill of victory during away games but also the thrill of having their tab paid for.

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