Aaron Rodgers, Robert Saleh, New York Jets, Las Vegas Raiders
Aaron Rodgers, Robert Saleh, New York Jets, Las Vegas Raiders, Getty Images)

During his weekly “Pat McAfee Show” appearance, the New York Jets quarterback spoke about his recovery and potential return to the field

As always, Aaron Rodgers had plenty to say on the “Pat McAfee Show.”

During his weekly appearance, the New York Jets’ quarterback spoke about the latest update on his Achilles injury recovery. He explained that Sunday was his “off-day” in his rehab process, which was why he did not throw before the game. Rodgers then spoke about his possible return.

“As far as what I talked to Melissa Stark about, I never said anything definitive. She talked about having a conversation with my amazing doctor about if it would be insane to try to come back in three months,” said Rodgers.

“He responded that when you bring together a specific type of surgery with a specific patient, with the specific amount of stubbornness and desire to get back on the field, and obviously playing quarterback, there is a possibility. Nothing has changed in terms of my timeline. We gotta be in the mix and I got to be healthy and I definitely still want to come back.”

Additionally, Rodgers revealed when he plans to be back at the Jets’ facility full-time.

“I’m going to be back with the Jets full-time real soon. That’s always been the plan. The plan has been, once we get to Thanksgiving, to be back there full-time.”

The Jets’ quarterback also spoke about offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett and his confidence level in the Jets’ play-caller.

“I won MVP twice in this same offense. I’m a believer in the offense… It’s easy right now to throw it at the usual suspects, Zach and Nathaniel, but there are a lot of positions that need to play better,” said Rodgers.

Rodgers did not provide any earth-shattering information regarding his return, although his return to the Jets’ facility around Thanksgiving should help from a leadership perspective during game weeks. The quarterback also will continue to push his rehab toward the same facility as the rest of his teammates.

But when it comes to the star quarterback’s return to the playing field, the math is quite simple for the Jets. If the team can stay in contention for a playoff spot, the likelihood that Rodgers returns increases. On the other hand, a few more losses for the Jets will likely eliminate any remaining chance of a miraculous Rodgers comeback.

With how things have been trending for the Jets, the latter option seems more likely at the current juncture. The Jets have an opportunity to begin an offensive turnaround against the Buffalo Bills heading into the last part of their schedule.

Unless that comes to pass for New York, their playoff chances could pass much sooner than anticipated. If that possibility becomes a reality for the Jets, nothing Rodgers says or does with his recovery will matter until 2024.

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